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    Who plays Super Smash Bros still? I like the original for Nintendo 64 the most, the others are alright. Its the best smoking and playing this with friends.

    Samus ftw.

  2. Fuck yeah, Smash Bros. is and always has been the shit. I grew up playing that, Mario 64, Mario Kart, Sonic Adventure 1/2, and Pokemon for the GameBoy pretty much exclusively lol/

    When Brawl came out and I found out you could be fucking Sonic I pretty much creamed my pants.

  3. Yeah I'm a samus guy(even though she's a girl), I put on the dark suit and call myself the dark knight when I'm high and playing with friends.
  4. i would usually play as fox or kirby, but i could break skulls with any char
  5. My favorite game of all time!

    Ness is a beast
  6. I love this game.
    I'm best with Fox, Falco and Wolf, but I can get down with most of the characters.
  7. I still wanna play the one that came out for the wii
  8. I suck at Smash Bros so I just play Captain Falcon and use Falcon Punch all match, pissing off everbody else with the sound byte.
  9. i play as marth every game, wreck everyone's shit man.
  10. shytt.. i would!

    but i dont have my n64 n e more.

    damn rumble packs.
  11. shytt.. i would!

    but i dont have my n64 n e more.

    damn rumble packs.
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    nes was the original badass in the 64 and GC version but it feels like he was nerfed hard in the Wii version. Despite nes's nerfs; I know some purists will boo hoo about this shit but, tbh I like the Wii version the most atm, maybe b/c it's the one I've played the most recently, but most likely it's b/c it has way more characters including some of my favorites that you cant play in the other games, and the super smash abilities are really fun to have as well.

    I own face with Toon link, mame & watch, or sonic.

    for the nostalgia though, the original SSB commercial was the shit lol.

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    dude nes's boost jump is so damn hard in the wii version!
  14. yeah, for some reason he just doesn't feel as powerful either...on the Wii I prefer Lucas much more than nes but like i said, Toon link and G&W are by far my best characters although G&W is almost too easy to win with he's so good.
  15. i always play as marth, zelda/sheik, or falco. a lot of people think marth and zelda suck but if you can play em right, you cant be beat :hello:
  16. Man, nintendo. Thats when I was young enough to pre occupy myself for hours with one thing. How the fuck did I do that? I can't do that know, I go nuts. what the hell happened
  17. Lmao. I feel you on that. I played that game so much back in the day, but now I only can play 5-6 games and then I get bored of it.
  18. helll yea bruh.

    samus was always on my team.

    along with kirby/fox.

    awww shyt hella to to yes!

    ever play baseball with ness?

    shyt was koooo.
  19. Dude me and my friends play this game 24/7. WE usually smoke on my friends porch and get really baked then play smash bros for like 3 hours in his room. I suggest being pikachu because of the merkage that he does.

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