Super small buds at week 4

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  1. ive been growing two plants in a greenhouse for about three months now one fire og, one guava jelly. I’m almost a month into flower and the fire og seems to be going well but the nugs on the guava jelly are extremely small. I keep the temperature and humidity at good levels pretty consistently, I water them three times a week once with cal mag and pure blend pro bloom, and I have two 600w missyee full spectrum led grow lights but the buds don’t seem to be where they should. Someone help please I don’t want all my hard work to lead to weak puny buds. Any help is appreciated upload_2019-6-24_13-47-4.jpeg

  2. Not enough light.

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  3. I have one on each plant a foot away so do I need a new light? If so what would you suggest under 300$
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    Also the fire og seems to be fine and it’s getting the same amount of light
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    There's a lot of good tech out there right now. I made the same mistake when I started. I bought lights that weren't worth it and I upgraded by the 4th grow. It made all the difference.

    If you're not opposed to a little DIY and think you can put together a home made light fixture frame and connect the boards yourself, you could get the following items and spend less than $300. The 4 of these boards (with the heatsinks) running in serial connection to the driver will produce 300 watts. They'll be amazing for flower. Just need some aluminum, wire and some nuts and bolts to build a fixture.

    Personally, I'd use this setup for one plant and save for another set of lights for a second plant but, you could do 2 plants under this and be happy with the yield.

    QB144 V2 Quantum Boards

    Look at the driver they list to run them at 300 watts in serial.

    HLG-320H-C2100 - 4x QB 144in series

    You need the heatsinks to go along with them.

    I know of several people on here that have also made their own using QB96 v2 and have had great results. Check those out in that same site.

    This is not to say MH/HPS or CMH wouldn't also work. They would and there are many growers on here using them with great results. I haven't so, I can only tell you about my experience.
  6. Thank you so much for your help, you’ve given me so much to think about! People like you save lives when it comes to growing
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  7. We all start somewhere! ;) I'm just passing on the knowledge bro. Post back when you decide what to do. Use the current grow for practice. You'll get a few zips and have a little to reef on while you dial in the next grow.
  8. I have a hipargero hg800 in a 2 x 2 box[​IMG]
  9. I grow using 2 600watt chinese leds actual draw measured 146 from the wall. Could be lights or something, but mine have a brighter tint, not so blurpleish.

    These 2 speed buds by Female Seeds are on week 2 of flower.
    20190623_225301.jpg 20190623_225254.jpg
  10. I just purchased the es180 which from what I read is one of the best. Hopefully I’m not too late into flower to get some big buds
  11. Please do us and you a favor and listen to this advice.....

    These are some past harvests with
    HLG 96v2 QB’s.

    Bubble gum photo period

    Deez nuggs Auto Flower

    Current grow
    Purple majik & pillow Factory- ethos genetics(photoperiods)
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  12. es180? Is that the Electric Sky 180 watt light?
  13. The electric sky’s are dope!
  14. Yeah it’s an electric sky 180 watt led light
  15. Good choice. Mr Canuk on you tube grows huge ass buds with those lights.

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