Super slow plant growth? help me out.

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    Hi everyone! 
    This is my bag seed grow, growing in a window sill in the southern hemisphare. it popped up on September 21st and is only this tall (7cm)
    Does anyone know why? The soil was pretty poor (bark) while it was in its first pot, but has been transplanted today to a bigger pot with better soil. The first couple sets of leaves pretty much died and looked like they had fungus or something on them, i cut those leaves off but the bottom sets of leaves keep getting it!
    how can i improve? The stem is also skinnier than a toothpick and purple

  2. invest in a grow space unless your intending an outdoor grow? whats your strategy/plan?
  3. sorry for the confusion, yes this will be an outdoor grow. I was planning on leaving it until it gets a big stronger to put outside.
  4. sorry man i have no experience with outdoor but i wish you the best of luck. theres so many more variable beyond your control but you can also have just bushes of buds haha. i would personally wait till there a few weeks old definitely just to let them build up some strength to be able to tolerate natures environment. if you put em in to young they will be killed quickly, depending on where your growing as well.
  5. cheers, do you know if i should start using nutes this early? i put a drop of some in the other day (it says 15mls to every 5 ltrs) and they seemed to love it
  6. Oh Bliss, Bless your soul! you are such i nice person. ;0
  7. at a 1/4 str maybe but i would possibly even wait another week but only you can be the true judge of your babies :D
    tyvm right back at ya fam :D i like to think everyone who's apart of the movement one big family because we all have the same goal: to share to be high and to be happy ;)
  8. though i agree with you 100%, i was being particularly sarcastic. lol some posts i just cannot bring myself to say anything on. its like come on people, google. just try it once.
  9. man i have tried google but i just wanted some advice, no need to be a dick about it.
  10. maybe don't say anything next time, i do not want your input. @Joghorn
  11. ^^^ rude. Both of you.

    Do you have any drainage holes in your container? Also, that clear container is not a good thing to have your lady in. Roots are not a fan of light. So my guess would be she's rootbound.

    Also op, your soil looks very moist. Did you just water? Or does it stay wet for a while after you water? I also noticed you don't have any added drainage material (pearlite, vermaculite, clay, ect.) Its usually smart to add 1 part drainage enhancer to 3-4 parts soil. Gives the roots more oxygen which helps them grow strong.

    Lighten up dudes.
  12. sarcasm is ignorance and theres no need for that kind of energy with this hobby guys :p i understand it can be frustrating having to repeat certain answers sometimes man but its our job to help the movement evolve, not sit back and collect and capitalize...thats not what MJ is for. learn and enlighten, its all apart of the experience :)
  13. i wasnt trying to be a dick i was kidding, context is lost on the interent. Sarcasm is humor, but i forget its gets lost in text. so from now on instead of sounding like a dick, or spoon feeding people who dont want to take a few minutes to read stuff, i'll just post in big bold letters 

    READ THE STICKIES and Happy Harvesting! 
  14. No need to be rude. He's never done this before everyone starts somewhere... Op I would say she's just not getting enough light... She needs to see more sun :) just get her to more light another week or so and then move her outside. Remember it's like growing tomatoes

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    could i put something around the clear container such as black tape or paper ?
    It used to be in a small yogurt container and was only transplanted yesterday.
    in the picture i had just transplanted and watered it into the soil.  I usually never water just leave water in the dish at the bottom? 
  16. Water standing at the bottom isn't good because the roots dont get to completely breathe. I suggest switching to watering normally.

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  17. Honestly I've noticed moving up to your final pot ASAP seems to be best. Let the roots grow and thrive as far as they want

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    no need to be a whinny bitch about it either. Kill the fuckin thing as you pretty much already have. Put it out of its misery and start fresh, using research to make it right.....
  19. sarcasm, in no way means ignorance, use a fucking dictionary......

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