Super slow plant growth? help me out.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by highdays420, Nov 6, 2014.

    Hi everyone! 
    This is my bag seed grow, growing in a window sill in the southern hemisphare. it popped up on September 21st and is only this tall (7cm)
    Does anyone know why? The soil was pretty poor (bark) while it was in its first pot, but has been transplanted today to a bigger pot with better soil. The first couple sets of leaves pretty much died and looked like they had fungus or something on them, i cut those leaves off but the bottom sets of leaves keep getting it!
    how can i improve? The stem is also skinnier than a toothpick and purple

  2. Clear containers aren't the best. Is it getting plenty of light and air?
  3. Clear pots let algae grow in the soil, and the roots don't like the light either.
    Looks like it has either been over watered (drooping leaves, pale colour, slow growth, classic) and/or pH trouble from the soil.  Had the root ball filled the small container?
    If it is being kept wet a lot, lay off that.  If you're definitely not overwatering it, maybe you could try gently removing as much as the bark from the rootball as you can.
    It does look sickly, but they don't grow that quickly on a windowsill anyway.  The glass actually blocks out some of the sunlight, and they tend to only get direct sun for a few hours, so they don't grow as well as outside or under proper grow lights.

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