super slow growing LSD

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  1. hi guys i  recently got a clone from a friend of Lsd from barney farms and it was even smaller than this when i got it . im just curious to why its growing so slow . normally id just kill it and start over but ive been trying to get this strain for so long and it was hard to get the clone to begin with. should i just it take its time then cut better clones once it gets bigger or just get rid of it . i havent given it any nute or anything , should i repot to bigger pot of promix or leave be . any suggestions would be appreciated 


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  2. Uh Oh, you got 2 clones sitting in one dixie cup.  i'd cut your losses on that wilted one and repot the healthier one.
  3. yeah its been repotted and i gave the good one a mild dose of sensi grow i hope it comes around cause this strain is amazing . this pheno anyways 

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