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Super sleepy after smoking weed. Strain related?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by imageek, May 9, 2016.

  1. Past few weeks i've noticed smoking weed will wipe me out. If I blaze I can be sure 45 minutes later I just want to sleep. I feel super slow, and too relaxed to even move. You know them highs where your brain is saying "reach for the drink" and your body is saying "cant be bothered to stretch". That sort of high.

    I'm not sure if it's just this strain I am smoking. I'm told its Bubblegum Kush.

    Don't really like these highs too much. I notice I get a bit more anxious with these. The only weed I honestly have the best high with is Lemon Haze.

    After I've finished this Q I'm hitting a T break until my own crop is done, so I got about 4 months weed free.
  2. Its indica thats why you want to sleep alot after smoking if you want like better high during the day get sativa strains
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  3. I would try a sativa strain, I personally prefer a more satvia dominant strain. But to each their own
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  4. I'll be doing pineapple express soon so I wont have to rely on whatever my supplier has. I'm not a fan of these indica strains myself. I've had a few indicia strains that don't KO me, but they all seem to make me feel like I'm dragging a lead weight.
  5. Happy, hungry, sleepy

    That's what weed does.
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  6. Try a sativa. Sounds like you've been smoking indica.
  7. indica=in da couch ;)
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  8. You are definitely smoking an indica, as others have stated. Try a sativa or a sativa-dominant hybrid and you should have results better suited for you!
  9. Can confirm, strain related. Not smoked for a week and I feel alive and kicking. Indica strains should be labeled sedatives lmao.
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  10. Yeah, indicas knock me out too. So do a lot of hybrids if they're too much on the indica side.
  11. "super sleepy".......
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