Super Skunk how am I doing???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gentleman_Bud, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Good evening gents,
    just wanted your opinion on how my super skunk is doing, she's currently 9 weeks and 1 day since 12/12 switch. Have had heat problems using 400w hps, so have switched to 300w cfl (red) today. Do you think my buds will fatten and I'm also worried I don't see many trics. Any advice appreciated 20170621_201356.jpg 20170621_201404.jpg
  2. 9 weeks from 12/12 = probably like 7ish weeks actual flower time.

    She looks good, albeit a little,/a lot, under developed for her age.
    Going from HID to CFL may cause her to stop/slow growing for a bit. Is there no way to get the heat under control? How hot was it getting ?

    Yes, they should for sure fatten. None of the calyxs I see have swollen any yet.
  3. Getting to around 90 lights on, I have a really limited grow space 1mx1mx2m room within a room, tried everything over the course of the past 9 weeks to get the temps down but no luck. Left with 2 options 1#300w cfl £50 or 2#air conditioner £150+ and this is a budget hydro grow so £150 is a no go lol

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  4. Those big CFLs get very hot too....

    Do you have small intake/outtake fans?

    Have one up top pushing the hot air out and one at bottom pulling in cool
  5. Yeah got both going on, have the temps under control now I'm using the cfl just worried they won't recover??

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  6. I had head problems until I bought a cool tube reflector now my temps with hps are between 25 and 28 only cost me 30 pounds [​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Cool tubes a no go because of the extra cost needed to fit, I guess I've made my cfl bed and no I have to lie in it lol do you think my buds will still fatten up?

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