Super skunk auto flower and feminized gelato and gorilla glue.

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  1. My first autoflower I germinated and planted in a solo and carefully transplanted.. it's looking super good.
    The next set are photo sensitive feminized gelato and 1 gorilla glue (pink pot) the white pot I am experimenting with. I had issue with them prior with not letting my tap water set. So chlorine was killing them.. flushed them 3 times with distilled and now they came back. First time growing using happy frog soil with grade 4 perlite. Tell me wat ya think received_612167642606838.jpeg 1562554436527.jpg received_638516533292908.jpeg 1561288752150.jpg 1561329508158.jpg received_2348763538698104.jpeg 1561329546948.jpg 1562099977851.jpg 1562616040344.jpg 1562616071493.jpg

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    They are doing alright. One looks like it was eaten by a gopher or something. The last picture is great. Just leave them and don't do anything but feed/water them at this point. The pictures leading up to the last are somewhat sick/sub par so just do what you did to get them that far. Don't let the science and terms bog down your head. It's simple nature, a weed growing. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep in mind weeds grow in pavement cracks and thrive all the time.

    EDIT: Before I departed, I looked at the photos one more time. I noticed that the plant that I said looked eaten, was relatively small in large pot with soil that was wet throughout the entire circumference. In my experience, I never had great luck with any plant starting in a huge pot. You don't have to transplant, but until the roots get established and take up the whole container, try and focus the watering 1 to 2" around the base of the stem. My mentality is that the whole pot doesn't need to be saturated if the root ball is not strong enough to withdraw all the moisture from the medium. So your root ball ends up sitting in a medium that has little to no air for the roots to breathe. Now it also appears that you are growing outdoors so the saturated conditions and the sun's rays baking the outside of the pot heat up the pot and the roots start to decay because that is not an ideal condition for roots to grow. Try and cover the pots during the day with a towel or something to keep them cool.

    When I start a seed, I use a prescription bottle and wait until the roots are easily visible from all side of the bottle. Once the roots are strong and take up the whole medium. I then transplant to a larger pot. I think the major issue is that there were root problems causing the slow growth.
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  3. Shit I was hoping you wouldn'tsay thay gaha my plants been getting new growth tho I'm pretty stoked but like you said about the heat.. its Michigan weather.. ill cover them

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  4. He received_893187677740513.jpeg

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