SUPER SKUNK :) 400hps perpetual coco grow

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  1. :) all my previous had been 10 to 14 weeks in flower man this freak has just produced more in bloody 4 an half weeks true flowering or even from the flip at 5 weeks 6 days than any of the others from one plant and yes it's deff got a hell of a lot of crystal ;) no even more happy have numerous others same strain to follow :) next 2 ready in around 2 weeks mabe bit less
  2. I've got don't worry mate already ahead of that idea haha have another 6 in different stages of flowering and another 6 clones chilling in the clone tent which will be going in over next 2 weeks 3 at a time and will be putting the base with lots little shit on it still back into veg in the bigger clone box in the next day or so just want to interrupt it's light schedule n flush it good to get everything out of the coco also may take around a quarter of the coco out and replace it which will also allow for some new root growth
    No WAY am I letting this strain go man where else will you find a plant that from flip finishes in just under 6 weeks lol I honestly think this plant is a one in a million genetic freak as all clones are doing exactly the same thing
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  3. Epic. legend mate. That what I like to hear... proper preparation prevents piss poor plants lol. My spin on the 5 ps.

    I use one of them bloom boosters by mills for killing off old roots. It's very good.

    Nah totally agree and that particular plants genetics sound to be suuuuuper strong.
    Might have to get you to send me a clone haha

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  4. I'm actually considering taking it out of the tub and pruning a lot of roots off as coco is just shitty Bunnings stuff n have bag of canna pro plus coco there which been using for everything else n they love it and from what I'm seing so far it smashes new roots out at a ridulous rate
    Haha I live in Australia mate
  5. Try that DNA stuff by mills pal. That's just amazing. Ive not repotted so I can't tell ya what the roots look like in mine but I suspect there quite strong on those larger plants.
    No way man that's cool as hell can you not do it outside there...?
    there quite harsh for weed in Aus ain't it.
    I am emigrating but I need to save up for a house etc when I get there so I'm aiming for about 6 or 7 years from now.
    Don't think a clone would make it that long tho haha

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  6. Na cops are pretty cool here man so long as you don't go planting out a whole house haha if just small grows for personnel it's cool if only got a couple they wouldn't even bother with it been growing for along time man n only time ever had an issue was house fire caused by dodgy powerboard behind behind tv n cops didn't care bout my plants till dickhead from fire service said had to or he'd put a report in so yeah got done lol had 14 growing n by time got to cop shop 7 diapeared haha then cop even told me what to say on the tape all got was a 2 hour course on drugs ;)
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  7. That's cool man. It's hard to research the truth about different countries and smoking/growing laws from another country accurately. I don't grow to sell its just for me. I hate picking up shit weed of wankers and making them rich to get rid of my own problems...
    Outside or upstairs inside maybe 5 or 6 would be sounddddd it's just for me... tbh I'm more interested in the green fingers bit of it then the actual end product. I'm a bit of a geek like that haha. It's why I keep marine fish and coral...

    Hahaha that's a bit different to how it is portrayed by most. what state/territory you in bro? Pm me if u prefer.

    That's fucking lucky eh. I Like it that 7 disappeared hahaha and the cops would implicate you further here not help, but then they've got fuck all better to do and let's be honest there is probably a lot of paperwork for such a small crime over there in such a big place it would be a bit fruitless to try and catch and reprimand them all.

    I've done that course in the past or at least a similar one haha.

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  8. Lol 5 hours later all trimmed up now
    Bloody hate that bit haha love the rest hate trim
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  9. Well dry weight for first girls in at 216g :) very happy with that aha
    And have started flushing next 2 as of yesterday in the morning thought would try flushing with molasses this time see if slightly changes flavour at all :) will most likely cut Sunday as there well and truly swollen as right now lol and all triches are cloudy with around 5-10% ambers so should be nice :) these 2 are not as big they where first 2 clones turned at around 4 inches tall both of which look nearly identical in every way now at around 2.5 foot high so should give me atleast couple oz a piece with any luck will chuck up some pics of them tommorow once light back on :)
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  10. Lol actually seems to be about the average I'm getting from this little tent haha like last 3 crops in it have all been single plants and all within 30 g first being 189 I think last was 211 now this one at 216 which isn't bad off a 400 in a 3 ft by 3 ft by 1.6 high but well it's time to upgrade I think tommorow am ordering a 1.2x1.2x2 tent and will veg for extra 2 weeks also ordering a bestva 2000w led panel as well which is equivalent to 1400 hps so things are bout to get interesting hahaha
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  11. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Into the dark they go for next 48 hours then it's goodnight for these 2 beautiful girls :) absolutely loving this strain right now talk about frost ;)
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  12. They certainly have an aromas to them hahaha will have 2 ready every 2 weeks now for next 8 weeks or so
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  13. Not bad for couple of 4 inch clones when I turned them haha they grew just a little lot haha nearly 3ft high
  14. Yeah man your not wrong at all there. Looks very nice mate that does and it's not a bad haul at all for that size tent.
    I need longer veg next time.
    I need less plants but I've got enough to monstercrop the 2 best uns then veg them cuts back to get a rake of them for the next time in. I also need to get all the gg4 x seeds in and get an vegging so I can clone the shit out of em for the room.
    These will not be as big as id like...
    I've got 4 4inch ghost train same as that and they're just taking off now so I can see how u did so well mate

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