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Super Simple way to flavor your bud!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DevilRed, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Hey Fellas (and ladies)

    Not sure if this has been discussed, case this hasn't ive found a great simple way to cure your weed and flavor it at the same time......and quick.

    I have a food savor vaccume packager I use for my weed. Well the unit came with this little bowl that you can put soup or whatever in and vaccume seal it. The directions say because of the negative pressure inside its great to marinate meat. The marinade will absorb in a few hours, what usually would take days.

    So.........I put a ounce of white widow in with a cotton ball of peppermint flavor. I left it over night, opened it up and WOWZA i got mint bud. The weed totally sucked up all the moisture from the cotton ball (it was now dry). So I did it again and let it soak another 24 hours.....and WOWZA double wow. Ive got it drying for a few hours and its super minty smelling :)

    In the past ive done this with orange and lemon flavor in a tuperware container, just cracking it a few times a day for a couple weeks. But this sealer bowl seems to do the job much much faster!!!

    Give it a shot if your into something new
  2. personally i like the taste of bud no need to add flavors...
  3. May be good for cheeper herb but like said love the taste of bud on its own.
    Thats why herb comes in many smells and flavors.
    But if thats what ya like than go for it ...
  4. hah thats pretty cool man. I personally like the natural taste of weed myself.
  5. well, yea i hear ya fella's, but its like pussy........same ole same ole gets old after a while. Something new to mix it up is always nice for a change :)
  6. And always worth a try.
    If you don't like the result don't do it again.
  7. I LOVE mint! I used to smoke menthol cigs & would put my weed in w/them. I love the smell & taste of bud too but mint is the bomb!
  8. #8 holyfire001202, Nov 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 12, 2008

    ... u dont put mint cottonballs in ur girls pussy do u? xDD
  9. LOL holy fire.....

    Does any one know any simpler ways to achieve the same goal? I dont have a vacum packer...:[
  10. WTF is up with everyone going "oh mine taste fine already"?
    Stoners have been looking for ways to flavor weed forever and this dude just found out how!

    Id plus rep ya if i could
  11. i had this dream i was a trumpet
    some jackass poured soap down my ass
    yes... the big open end of the trumpet was my ass
    every time that fat bandgeek blew into my mouth i fuckin farted soap bubbles

    neways i think this dream has a purpose...
    a real... totally plausable purpose
    see ive been wanting to build a pipe recently because i know that im not getting my pipe for... idk it could be weeks
    soooooo, i was thinking about what i could use as a mouthpiece

    A TRUMPET/TROMBONE MOUTHPIECE! and i got a perfect filter too
    i just need some tubing

    :devious:... < this bitch looks like one angry orange!

  12. man, i like my weed tasting like weed
    not mint
    or fruit
    or.. idk watever else u might add
    i would rather keep it tasting like weed than flavoring it
    the only reason i would want to flavor it is to hide the smell more
    jesus, it feels like all the grapes on the floor are pmsing
  13. what the hell does permalink mean?
    sounds like some dank shit tho!

  14. i don't think you realize how expensive a mouthpiece for any musical instrument is... well over the price of a very nice glass pipe. even a cheap one would be maybe $20-$30...

    this is a good idea but i don't have a vacuum packer and i already love the taste of my weed. :smoke:

  15. ........WTF? where did this come from? haha:D
  16. actually i had no idea bout the price, i was gonna see if my friend could give me one of his cuz i no he plays trumpet
    or trombone
    actually come to think of it i think he plays clarinet...

    well neways my best friends gettin me a glass pipe
    i cant wait, AND its for my b day so im gettin it free
    YEAHHHH wish me happy birthday!
    i say... on january 2nd, everybody should toke up in my name xDD
    u do that for me ill do that on ur b day!
    no wait... toke up to that big purple thing in the sky!
    oh shit thats something hanging in my window
    ... nevermind
    y not just forget wat i just said
    my fingers are numb
    god... just tell me this, does copper or w/e the mouthpieces are made out of fuck up ur head?
    i dont think i want my head fucked up any more
  17. hmmmmmmm....beef flavored weed...
  18. That sounds like a pretty dope trick, you should keep us posted on flavor combinations and such.

    All I ever do to add flavor is change the substance in my bong. I like the taste of weed going through a gatorade or monster. And I've never had any problems with residue or stickiness as I always empty it and rinse it right after.
  19. I respect your opinion sir.
  20. Yes, but why the fuck would you WANT to fuck your bud up?

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