Super Simple and Efficient Closet Grow Setup

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  1. Just started my second grow in this 2 ft x 6 ft closet. I think altogether it cost me around 300 bucks to build it.

    20161108_212640.jpg Every square inch is covered in mylar.

    20161108_212621.jpg 400 watt Apollo Horticulture MH/HPS grow light dimmable system with air cooled hood. The 6 in inline fan is directly to the right of the hood.

    20161108_212615.jpg Charcoal filter

    20161108_212628.jpg I had to cut a 6 in hole in the ceiling to run the exhaust through. I initially just vented directly into the attic. But as the night time temps really began dropping, I became worried the hot air from the grow room exhausting into a cold attic would cause condensation and eventually mold. So I went back up there and connected the ducting to an exterior vent on the side of the house.

    20161108_212652.jpg This intake vent is actually designed for dark rooms. So with the door shut and sealed, the inline fan creates a vacuum, letting in fresh cool air with zero light leaks.


    20161108_212545.jpg Being in the midst of a drought, this 20 dollar humidifier was a must for the early stages of growth.

  2. Yeah , that's the ticket .. Nice set up.
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  3. Thanks man!
  4. Looks well done, havent had to buy a humidifier myself yet but will have to soon. Those babies look like they are ready to be transplanted :weed:
  5. 20161109_014254.jpg
    Good eye lol. Transplanted em last night. The humidifier works wonderful. Without it, it hangs around 9 or 10%. With just tap water in the humidifier, it'll stay between 30 and 40. With 2 or 3 pinches of table salt in the humidifier, it'll jump to 99% in a hurry. The only downside is if you're using it in a fairly small space, it definitely increases the heat. I have to run it during the 6 hours of darkness and turn it off for the remaining 18 hours. Otherwise the temp starts creeping past 80.
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  6. think you could use another air intake , you don't have enough, is why the temp problem with humidifier running
  7. Possibly, but there's a layer of duct tape around the top and sides of the door that makes it actually seal when the door closes. And then a towel at the bottom to seal the bottom. So it creates a pretty serious vacuum and sucks a large amount of air through that vent. Like if you dropped a sheet of paper around 2 or 3 feet of the door, it'll get sucked to the vent and stick there. I think the intake and exhaust is sufficient. But burning 400 watts in a 2 ft by 6 ft space is probably gonna be difficult to keep cool however you go at it. Especially when you're also adding steam in the mix. Since hot air rises, it might help to place the filter as high in that room as I can. Maybe some of that hot air is lofting to the top and hanging out. The only sure fire thing that works is blocking off the floor vent in that room so that the room itself outside the closet stays in the low 60s. But because of this drought and heat wave in bloody November, the room refuses to stay cool unless I blast the AC and freeze us the fk out lol. But with the humidifier off, temp isn't a problem period. If it'd just damn rain and cool off I wouldn't have a problem at all.

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