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Super Silver Haze

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I-BigBuddha, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. One of my favourite strains, tasty! and just so incredibly high!

    Here's a pic i took the other week of some, not he best quality but hey.

  2. frosty, frosty. definitely some good lookin SSH
  3. wowww that looks like some dankk! my mouth just started to water haha. how much did you get? +rep :)
  4. Daaamn, shit looks pretty fuckin' dank dude. I miss SSH soo much! It was around here this time last year and it is for sure in my Top 5 of all time. Enjoy.

  5. Me too! The only strain i might love more is Jack Flash (Jack Herrer x Haze x Super Skunk)

    Only got a few grams, i had a big load of Blue Cheese (Blueberry x Cheese) recently so have just had small amounts of other strains.

    Here's some better pics of other recent goodness:

    a little bit of Blue Cheese


    West Coast Kush(quite compressed)


    Afghan Gold

  6. + REP!

    Probably the best strain I've ever had. I've only tried maybe 5-6 named strains (whitecap, sour d, maui wowie, strawberry cough, and some organic blueberry that probably was fake, maybe a few others) and this one was just a STRONG head rush. In a waterfall I'd set up my apartment how I wanted it (DVDs, TVs, snacks, Wii, water, laptop plugged into good speakers, playlist, all at the ready), take it, sit down, and 2 min later that's the closest I've ever come to tripping (I only smoke weed). It's a rush to try - great times.

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