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  1. Hello

    Im growing a Super Silver Haze from Green house.
    I know generally Haze grows a lot and from what I have read SSH is no exception.

    My plants are 5 days old today. At first I thought I was gonna have them veg for a week and then change 12/12 and LST them to avoid height issues.
    Now im thinking on main lining the plants which would requiere more veg time but still enter the flowering period early on, prior to topping the 2 main colas.
    My guess is since plants take time to "recover" from topping and haze actually grows insanely when switch into flowering ,this should help when controling its height.

    Also, I have read that even after switching to 12/12 SSH still grows 2 to 3 weeks before showing any buds; if so, can I still top if no buds have showed up?

    which would be the best moment to switch if I am gonna Main line??

    Apreciate any thoughts!


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