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  1. So I just got some greenhouse feminized seeds finally from holland
    which took forever....Im so suprised they made it
    but anyways...
    I grew purple power before and white widow which was amazing i used a 250w hd at the start and then switched to 500 for the main of the grow..but this strain is a lot more thc and a lot more sensitive to light,and heat. So I was wondering if any of you have grow a super silver haze, or a type in the strain that could maybe give me some little tips. Anything would help I just want these babys to grow, the right way the first time
    if you have grown ssh before or got some little tips that would help out a lot

    thanks guys
    CHEERS !!!:hello:
  2. I am currently working with SSH and let me tell ya, it's gorgeous. Grows really well, It has proved to be a real hardy strain to me and contrary to the strains characteristics finishes quite fast indoors for me.. An old mentor(God rest his soul) once told me he wouldn't do it indoors cause it would take too long.. But my experience is that it was fat and ripe at 49 days....

    As far as little tips, don't overfeed them, they'd much rather be underfed than overfed, make sure the humidity isn't too high, they get real dense offering grey mold a nice home if the humidity climes too high.. And they Love hydro too... I'm about to find out if they like Sog... They Rock Bush style grows... Not much more I can think of.. Good selection though.. Real good selection...
  3. yeah I planned a lineup
    and SSH will finish that lineup of the original three (prple haze,white widow,ssh)
    I have the seeds in a hydro grower that I made from a styrofoam block
    I drilled holes in the styrofoam and fill them with water and drop the seeds in it for about 6 hours, and then pull them out and but them in another hole that is on the other side with a little super soil. as soon as the taproot shoot i pull the whole piece of styro out and put it in a pot so I never touch the plant. when it sprouts and is a little bigger i just pull the styro out and whalla ! it was a exp that actually worked for me :)
    but thanks for the tips...I want to eventually do hydro but for now I like the challenge of the ph..I know hydro is a lot harder sometime I use to grow a lot of shit hydro and it was fun. expensive at first but well paid off for at the end :)

    I will keep you all updated
    thanks again for the help :)
  4. there's a reason why super silver haze has wone more cannabis cups than any other strain.

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