Super Roots Air Pot users??

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  1. Anybody use the expensive Air Pots for their grow container? What were your results and are they worth the 9 bucks per pot? Thanks
  2. -I have tried air pots, I think they are great,a little tricky to water, but u get used to them.
    Do they work?, YES !. when i reuse soil, and look at the root ball- it's prefect. lotsa little feeder hairs. and abut 4 ft of roots when extended. over twice the size of roots from plastic pots i have used...very re-useable, easy to repot. easy to pick up and tell when to water.. LOVE EM !
  3. There not expensive and I wouldnt be caught dead using anyother pot. You'll get your use out of them since there like any rigid plastic pot...reusable. I did not pay 9 bucks per pot though. sells them.

    Some astounding results were 2 Afghan Kush Autos in 1 gallon ones earlier in the year 28-30 inches tall by 24 inches wide. Was sick.
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    Used them on my first indoor grow...scored 5 of em that'r 4.6 gal and 5- .3 gal (1m)to start the seedlings off. Haven't used the 1m pots yet but after transplanting my girls from normal plastic pots I don't wanna deal with that again due to stressing those young'nz out. With the airpots transplanting is so much less stressful. Just unscrew and roll'r open to move to the big pot. I do agree that it takes some getting used to in watering your plants because if you water too close to the edges of the pots and the plants are dry it starts rolling out the holes for a bit but what I found is to slowly pour your water in saturating all the soil and then you can pour your water in a bit faster so what I do is empty about a qt in each pot and by the time I'm done with the last pot they're all ready for a normal pour. During veg I noticed small shroomers popping outta some of the holes...wondered if they'd get me just brushed them off. My next grow I'm gonna do a side by side using the airpots vs air bags. The bags certainly are cheaper....and personally I don't find the airpots cheap at all ($12.65 plus shipping for the 4.6 gallon) but in the grand scheme of things they do last forever so....Got 2-Barney's LSD's and 2-Violater Kush in em'...I'm going into my 4th week of flower today. total of 11 weeks.

    Edit: if you order them through Amazon as I did be sure to order all you need so you save on having to ship them out again and again..

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