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Super Purple Plants And Bud Shots From My Garden's

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ginger Bud, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. #1 Ginger Bud, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009
    well to day i made a collection of alll the realy purple plants ive been growin for the past few months, in the indoor grow, i set up new hood s and exhaust, and allows the room to achive 57 deg F with all lights on and door shut, and the temp only drops a few when the lights are off, so making it supreme purple weather inside, and i also had a good couple of purples outside too, so heres the pics.....

    Hollands Hope
    afghanica and ak-47 turning purple here
    another afghanica
    these are a cross i did a few months ago,
    a mix of nirvana: early bud X kc brains afghani special
    a hollands hope outside....

    the new light setup
    dual 600w hps & mh
  2. Lookin good, I have some random purple plants right now under the 600W HPS that I hope turn out as good as yours.
  3. those cropped buds are ELECTRIC purple lol. beautiful buds man!
  4. amazing bud all i have to say

    im jeaslous lol:smoke:
  5. 1 day i will setup sumtin like this....
    great op man,
    herb looks primo...
    dessert served...
  6. righteous. those buds look awesome do u no the strains
  7. beautiful garden and nice pics

  8. yeah im pretty sure its at the top of each photo
  9. there are more pics of the garden setup in my gallery.....

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