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  1. Well we've seen super high me and super size me... what about super psyche me... I was talking to one of my friends who is a film major this evening over some coffee and general conversation and this came up. Can't go into depth with anything in particular due to the sites new rules but one can ascertain what it is to represent. Thinking about doing this for a month every day on a host of subs. I'm in impeccable physical condition; mentally and physically... Was thinking about doing it this summer.. Let me know what you all think.
  2. if ur sayin what i think ur sayin, then no dude ur gonna have a brain of moosh! but i have had friends who binge ate pizza topping for a week straight if u catch my drift. and i hear that some people kick it with lucy on the daily soooo.....buuuuuut i think it would be a awesome documentary dude..i think ur personality would be totally different though after a month of that. and ur brain would be sooooooooo tired.
  3. I like it. :)
  4. Do it for me! That's my dream dude. Ahhh I'm so jealous.
  5. If your willing to sacrifice your mind for it? Doin that shit for a month break could really mess you up.
    I would be extremely interested what would happen though.
  6. fo real i think you would talk really wierd and a bit slow like my friends brother and that guy on youtube who eats tabs on teh daily
  7. dude idk if its a good idea. you would def get fucked up lol i would love to see it tho. i would fucking love to see that movie .. god damn.
  8. I vote "Yes."

    and be sure to have someone let me know when this documentary is out.
  9. I had always heard that whenever you take hallucinogens you have to wait at least 3 days for you to lose your tolerance before you can take them again or else you won't even trip
  10. Dude, that sounds like a crazy interesting documentary! Everyone says that if you go on a trip daily, you'll fry your brain. It'd be very interesting to actually see the effects on the human brain. Good luck!
  11. lol, IMPECCABLE!! whatta goober.
  12. better you than me.

    I'd love to see it, but i wouldn't see why you'd want to take that risk yourself.
  13. So if a bunch of random people on the internet say go for it... I believe I will hahaha!

    This is going to be epic. I'm a bio major with a decent bit of upper level neuro classes, some specifically involving drugs and their interactions with neurotransmitters as well as supplements that can assist in recovery after this... I feel that it is doable with minimal risk. I have a couple months to figure out what kind of flushes I will have to do in the AM and PM to keep damage to a minimum... I'll post hangover cures for these so that others may have pleasant days afterwards... I'll probably alternate between 5-6 substances with one day off to recover.. Ahhhh shit

  14. I'm sorry sir, do you know me or what I represent, in addition my current mental and physical condition? It is safe to say you do not, a comment such as that is less than appreciated. Negativity is not appreciated, why waste your time slandering someone on the internet?
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    i have done it?

    it was one of the best times of my life!

    it was longer then that actually....that it was everyday....
    and then all the times before and after....

    where have all the good chemists gone?

    not something that is for just anymeans
  16. I dont recomend doing it. my hubby played with lucy ALOT. he even had an od with her involving liquide dropers and some one hitting his arm while aplying. full droper to the face. he was fucked. and it realy messed him up for like a year. and he still isnt the same.
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  17. See I'm not going for stage 5 experiences hoping to only have one of those a week... Going for a 3-4 every time. I'm shooting for the month of june when my mates and I are planning a two week hiking expedition in the redwoods followed by some music festivals... followed by two more weeks of festivals when I get back to my home state. I would post the hypothetical cycle I am anticipating on undergoing but I will document every aspect of the experience. Blood pressure, glucose levels in blood, emotions, diet, weight, physical/mental strain.
  18. so your planning on filming this write? I'd love to see this.

  19. Yes sir.. I need to talk to my mate on what aspects of this we are going to film. It will probably be around 2-3 hours long as there will be much to discuss... I'll even go into in depth details as to what is going on neurologically and try to bring it down a notch so everyone can better understand the interactions during experiences in addition to why each substance I am taking is working to bring my brain chemicals back to an equilibrium.

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