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  1. so, i was smokin with two of my friends a couple of days ago, we had just picked up 7g's of pretty good stuff. we went up to this hill in the middle of nowhere, after about 3 bowls, my friends are gone. as im lighting up another bowl for myself a helicopter about a mile away scares my friend, somehow:confused:, and he freaks out and dives headfirst into a bush. This freaks out my other friend and he also dives into a bush. i laugh so hard i drop my spoon and the bowl scatters everywhere.

    it was worth it the next day though, as both of them had scratchs all over their faces and necks from the bushes. haha.

    anybody else have entertaining experiences with random paranoia?
  2. lol I can understand them being a little Oh shit for a second but really do they really think cops would send out a fucking helicopter to check out some stoners.

    This one time my 4 bros and I were chilling at the park smoking and I had the pipe hitting it and in the distance we hear sirens... we are like "nah" we are fine they wouldn't turn on the sirens for us especially that far away. the pipe goes around again then gets to me and my one friends slightly younger brother screams "COPS"

    so we all dash I ditch the pipe and run back to the house, and lay in the back of my truck bed, being slightly out of shape, scared and increased heart rate my chest is bumpIN!

    well we get back and we cant find the pipe for like 20 min since I was super bolting when I ditched and I was the bitch apparently, because it was just a ambulance, well needless to say i was pissed at that dood for screaming cops. .....twat:devious:
  3. hahahah. Where I smoke I've seen countless helicopters fly over me while I'm smoking, I always have a slight paranoia that they are scoping me out with infrared and sending the pigs to get me! Smoking alone really gets me paranoid.
  4. yeah I'm the complete opposite of paranoid, I was only paranoid once when me and my friend were suppppper baked in a convienience store parking lot with our lights on at 3am and two cops passed us, I thought they would definately pull in but I guess not.

    I've smoked near a police station in a dugout and been with kid's freaking out the whole untire time we were doing bong rips, even though they probably smoked more then I do, while I was chill as fuck

    I have plenty of stories of being with like 4-5+ kids and me being the only one non-paranoid enough to go into places and get food hahah shits gay I end up ordering for like 10 people which is odd, but I don't really mind it

    being high/ toking anywhere just doesn't make me paranoid unless I'm at work, working with fucking dangeous shit tbh
  5. my girl gets paranoid when shes not even on any drugs ;-;

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