Super outdoor growing idea!comment it!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by rytis, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Whats about that?
    Is it good? :eek:
    & why? :cool:

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  2. yep thats right. the green part goes "up"
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    Lol, yeah, the roots live in the dirt, and the sprout goes up.... good job man:smoke:

    Lol, really though, whats the idea? Putting your soil mix straight into a hole in the ground to grow in?
    Yeah that works, its a common technique.
  4. awww - did you do that all by yourself?

    You should stick that on mommas fridge door - she would be so proud of her little Rytis

    remember kids, crayons are for drawing, not eating
  5. i just put all info into picture so i dont know what to tell anymore :D
  6. lol at smokeandmirrors

    So your digging a hole and putting soil and perlite and a plant in it??? :confused:
    Last time I checked thats what everyone does :eek:
  7. Actually I dont Just plant in the ground I get them about 8"(inchies)to 1'(foot) then i get some soil and a burlap sack and Go drving tossing mine right over the mile markers on the road To where they can jsut be noticed if u kno wat ur looking for. Burlap sacks are like i giant sponge OMG they work so well.
  8. ...How successfull have you been with that?
  9. Hail Lennon!
  10. Its a revolution!!
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    Ok i see...
    I really create it my self , i know some one probaly think about that just like me...
    I never even tried to grow in outdoor..cuz i started this hobby at this winter i'm growing only indoor...i just plan to grow outdoor...
    There is my other idea...
    It got one plus and one minus.

    Plus-Tire absorb all light which it gets, and thats why it will warm the soil in it.
    Minus-Anyone can see it...

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  12. It's not a good idea I think. The car tyre will cook and kill your plants. What's the tyre for? If it's cold in your area, then wait until you can grow without a tyre. The soil doesn't need to be warmed during the summer, lol! Funny thread though!
  13. Try wood or bricks instead of the tire. plastic and rubber do not allow evaporation and heat out very well. look up raised bed gardens, thats pretty much what you got here.
  14. oh I get it. Yes, that's probably to make a raised garden on some wet soil.

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