super off topic, but need help eveluating my house foudation support.

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    So basically my rental house is on the side of a hill. It has several peir blocks in the ground, BUT its held up entirey by between 1/4 - 1/8 cut cedar rounds, a few are 5 feet tall the ones that are farthest away from the hill. to me im surprised the house has stood for 45 years. Im guessing this is recent work though, It also has a 2x4 and ply wood type outer structure, but is this stable? Yes if a earth quake happends im fucked, but i live in washington. Also the house is minorly sinking on the corner. BUT how dangerous is this? The house is resting on one side and the ground is 6 feet below the other side on cedar round quarters!!!
    also *foundation!!!

  2. Sounds safe :confused_2:
  3. Is it your house as in you own the home and rent it out?

    Or are you renting the home?

    I'd assume you own the home which is why you want to fix it up.. But at the same time I'd you're just renting it tell the landlord to fix that issue lol

    And I don't know if not an engineer

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