Super nice day!

Discussion in 'General' started by Glass Jar, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. So who else had a great day today?

    I went to work, got some shit done, came back and chilled at my friend's house on the porch in the back and smoked outta his Zong for a while, got some pizza, and now I'm at home waiting for dinner to be ready :smoking: :D

    And tomorrow I'm seeing Clapton/Winwood at the Izod Theater in Jersey, and a party will be at my friends house at night because his parents are away for the week.

    I think that qualifies for Super-nice-day, and another is on the queue for tomorrow! I'm tired of all the depressing threads getting started, who else is having an a-okay time this summer?
  2. Im as happy as I could be. high and content with everything around me :)

    glad you're swell too :smoking:

    good vibes to allllllllllll
  3. my day will be A LOT better when my ribs are done marinating in some bomb ass marinade i made. I'm gonna cook them on the grill. rolling up a blunt right now to smoke on while grilling!!
  4. NICE dude a barbecue sounds so good right now...

    I'm fixin to eat some delicious lasagna though so I'm all good too :p
  5. I spent most of the morning creating a toaster handle. Broke the thing that makes the toaster stay down so take everything apart and created something out of electrical tape and wood. Very happy!!! I now have toast!!

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