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  1. Welcome to the Internet.

    As for the piece, I think it's pretty dope. But I feel like it could have done without the Mario on the top, just because it doesn't really look like him, and gives the entire piece a 'swapmeet' vibe if you know what I mean. Haha :smoke:
  2. That's not yours ive already seen it like a long ass time ago

    Edit: yeah I didn't see all the other post sorry to beat the dead horse

  3. You dont have one you have a water bottle with tin foil don't even try that shit unless your about to post a pic of your with a time stamp
  4. wher is the bowl on it??

  5. Around 800 like what the op said. Bob Badtram is the artist I think.

  6. Are you high dude? Read my comment again.

  7. I should have read ur username
  8. It has a green swing with a quartz puddle for concentrates.

  9. Yeah

    It rips amazing

    >implying you've ripped it
  10. Check this shit out though

  11. For all you chumps who call bullshit, its because I bought it from my ex who im no longer friends with. If any pictures are out there of it its from her, and ripped off her facebook. Thats the only picture I have and its broken now :( I have an all gear tube now, I'll post a picture soon, and a milkshot for you haters.
  12. lets see pics of the broken tube lol

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Goes from dope high end worked piece to a Gear?

  15. I saw this at a custom place in warren RI im sure many people make this pretty common but lets see a mill
  16. ^I'm sorry what? I totally lost you at the end. The OP piece is probably 1 of a kind.
  17. [quote name='"Sweendog"']^I'm sorry what? I totally lost you at the end. The OP piece is probably 1 of a kind.[/quote]

    I have seen that exact one at a place maybe they copied it
  18. That looks incredible!!! :D Good shit!
  19. Lol at bear
  20. lol @ internet speculation, smackability levels are peaking high in this thread. Definitely not a one of a kind piece.



    Made by Bob the Glassblower

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