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  1. Are you serious? You're that desperate for attention that you post a picture of a bong you don't even own? What a fucking loser. Go away and never return.
  2. Haha, dope tube nonetheless, I want it

  3. nice bong bruh where'd you get it from google?lol
  4. Hahaha what a screw up. I bet this kid got made fun of (or still does) non stop in high school.

    Time for a new account OP, you look like a huge loser.
  5. The piece is really sweet though so thanks for sharing I guess.

  6. :-|

    He said someone else's bong rips like a champ...

    'nuff said.
  7. Pretty cool, reminds me of this pokeball bong pic I saw once.
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  9. I'm really into video games, but tbh I think it's really ugly.

    Also epic fail on op lol
  10. LOL, you guys wanna see a REAL Super Mario Nintendo & Super Mario Glass collection? :) :)

  11. Of course!
  12. OP got owned.

    Now has to create a new account.
  13. Check out daveracers thread in toking tools then! Hes got an awesome collection with a good amount of mario stuff
  14. Luigi is wearing Mario's outfit. Anyone catch that?
  15. Damn good eye! I almost think that was an attempt to make mario tho.
  16. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was. Caricatures always come out funny looking when sculpted in glass IMHO.
  17. This was sold on bm a few months ago, that picture is from the sale thread. He may actually own this but that isn't his picture.

  18. How much did it sell for if you remember? I must have missed it. Who made it?
  19. Sick.

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