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  1. Nuuff said? it rips like a champ

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  2. whaaat someone actually bought that!? I love it
    my lhs has some chillums that are the flower things that pop outta the green pipes
  3. sooooo dope
  4. what is that made out of? that looks really cool though.
  6. I don't think that's yours... It's a pretty common picture to show up with a lot of people claiming it as theirs.

  7. Glass

  8. Does it really rip like a champ? Milk vid or its not yours :p

  9. I'm skeptical too. I've seen this on google in a few searches
  10. ....Batman?

    [ame=]The Batman Theme Song - YouTube[/ame]
  11. it lookss sweet as hell but im also doubting its yours

  12. [ame=]Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme - YouTube[/ame]

  13. Wow, that would be amazing to own. I bet it costs like 800 dollars though.
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    lawl, it's way more than 800 bucks.

    oh, also this is fake, picture has been up on google for years. its the first thing that pops up when you google search it... don't see the point in lying about glass you don't have OP.
  15. I Stumbled onto that like 2 weeks ago.

    I'm calling bullshit.
  16. I don't get why you would post this if its not yours?

    First picture when you search mario bong
  17. OP now has to create a new account.
  18. hahaha, thought you could sneak that by us ? were all a bunch of private eye's!
  19. The fact he said "rips like a champ" makes me laugh.

    Doubt we will hear from him again.

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