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Super Mario Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PharCyDeD, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Picked up some Super Mario Kush it is :smoke:
  2. Super Mario?
    never heard of it.
    Must be some gimmick from your dealer
  3. If a grower crosses something he can name it whatever he wants, he grew it. Glad you had an opinion on it though.

    Nice buds :)
  4. Since you've never heard of of course does not exist. lol.

    Anyway, it is some really good shit.
  5. if its good then all good lol, I only clicked this thread because it was titled with Super Mario Kush :p

  6. to your dealer-- iz you trollin? iz you trollin? bitch i might be bitch i might be
  7. Best name I've ever heard.
  8. Any info on genetics? Obviously some marketing bullshit but maybe teres a mario strain or something and its a 'pun-intended' kinda name, just interested
  9. My dealer makes up names for his bud too.
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  10. Such wonderful pictures of the herb and all anyone can focus on is the name. Let's say this is just a name given to it for marketing purposes. Who fucking cares? The name still references what I am getting and if I like it (like I do) I will definitely pick some up again in the future. It is GREAT smoke, and takes very very little to get completely blazed. I win either way. He could call it shit weed and I would still come by and pick up a bag.

  11. lol man dot be mad indeed it looks nice, except for the trim job, which compensates by leving mor thc under the leaves ;). I just joked about your dealer cuz the weed mostve been really loud so he called it like that. hows it smell?
  12. Looks like small trichs to me and a bit leafy but looks good regardless. Enjoy that, funny name though, they've offically ran out of names for weed strains haha
  13. Trim job is lacking and a lot of the trich's are missing heads, but if it gets you high enjoy!
  14. Sloppily trimmed and a little leafy.. fake name made up by your dealer to make you buy it (I bet he charged a little extra) and that's no kush man LOL I've seen mids better then that. Plus I'm pretty sure those are Sativa buds because they're leafy and stemy.
  15. No, he did not charge me extra. My guy is legit regardless of the names. Its great smoke. Enjoy your mids that are better tho!
  16. I only consider a stain official when I can buy seeds of it :)
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  17. I got that Mario 64 Kush

    What now???
  18. I got that koopa troopa og
  19. waahhhooooo
  20. Yall don't have to bust on his buds. Even though it has a made up name, and the pictures certainly aren't anything special..

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