Super Mario bong for girlfriend....lil help?

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    I am looking all over for a Super Mario bong for my girlfriend's birthday coming up. I'm hitting google hard and I'm seeing tons of pics but no place that's selling them :(
    Anyway...if anybody knows anyplace I can grab one...please let me know.
    Thanks. PS - I fucking love you guys ;D

  2. How much do you love this girl? An artist named Micro makes them, but they cost over a grand!
  3. Yeah if you're getting her a micro...I'll be your freakin girlfriend lol....not really.  But micro is a great artist but his work commands $$$$.

    this one is 1800 mark down from 2500.The bubbler is a little cheaper, 1500.  Domes are 170.00
    BTGB (bob the glass blower) does some mario themed stuff, it's a bit cheaper than micro's work.  100 dollar mushroom domes.
    This kind of work is pretty hard I imagine, to replicate something that is so familiar to everyone in a medium such as glass.  Anything you find that looks good, will be expensive. 
    Also there's a guy on facebook, raddab, he makes vector torches, there's a mario and a yoshi one, I found a guy selling these at 200 each.
  4. Make her a Nintendo 64 controller pipe

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392239264.693372.jpg

    Omega369 :wave:
  5. I couldnt find any bongs for sale but i seen a few pipes.
  6. id suggest grabbing a clear bong and adding stickers/maybe glue on some action probably appreciate the work gone into it and such. maybe shell touch your peepee.
  7. View attachment 1360770 dont kno about a super mario bong but i have a super mario dome by galaxy glass i got for $80. i got it cuz my real names mario to. so now ppl get to dab off my head
  8. lmaooo, and most of the mario stuff is seen in high end glass....and that glass goes quick and is super expensive...

    It would prob be easier to decorate a piece yourself haha.

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