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Super low ph issues

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ulisesdec16, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. First time grower. I have 3 plants growing in 3 gallon fabric pots. Before I got a ph meter I didn't realize how low the I made the ph in my water. I messed up and added a couple drops to 5 gallon bucket because my tap water ph is 8.5 and now my plants are yellowing. I flushed my gallon fabric pots plants with several gallons of the 8.5 ph tap water to increase the ph to normal levels but after flushing gallon after gallon the runoff ph is around 5. Do I keep flushing with my high ph tap water to get the right ph level? My plants have been overwatered because of the flushing and I'm not sure what to do.
    I have fox farm happy frog, fox farm trio, cal mag, bushdoctor flush, and open sesame. I'm in week 4 of vegetation . Any help would be much appreciated
  2. As long as U got vermiculite added correctly you can't really drown em'.
    Keep the flushing
  3. i have perlite mixed in with soil.
    I meant should I keep flushing with my high ph tap water until runoff is 6-6.5ph? When should I add the bush doctor sledge hammer during flushing since I'm using so much water. After I'm finished flushing should I add back 1/2 strength nutes?
    I think I flushed each pot with at least 7 gallons of high ph tap water and my runoff ph is Still only 5.2.
  4. Whoa, slow down friend. Youre gonna panic and make things worse. First step is dont panic. Cannabis is nearly impossible to kill in veg. You could set that bitch on fire and itll probably still pull thru so dont worry. Shit is not serious.
    1) dont panic
    2) stop flushing your soil. You can and will drown your plant.
    3) let her dry out for a couple days, she will be fine.
    4) once she has dried out some pH your water to 6.5 and water her to about 10% runoff
    5) repeat step
    Everything will be ok buddy.
  5. Ok. After my plants dry out a little, when shall I add nutes again. I'm pretty sure all the nutes have been flushed away.
  6. You should for sure water with nutes when it dries out. Dont worry too much just make sure you keep an eye on it from now on and itll be ok. Id for sure get some real growers ReCharge tho. Beneficial bacteria with all kinds of good stuff in there for soil or coco will help your roots out and its pretty cheap. 50 bucks gets a pound but they sell it in smaller pouches. If im ever in soil or coco im using ReCharge or great white.
  7. Great! Thanks for the words
  9. I let them dry out for a few days, flushed each pot with 1 gallon of bushdoctor, my runoff ph is 5.22.
    After flushing I added a 1/3 gallon of 1/2 nute water.
    I'm only using distilled water, especially until I get my ph right.
  10. They dont really look all that bad in that picture. They look a little over watered but Very salvageable. Keep your nutes around 600 ppm and your pH at 6.5 and itll turn itself around. Let her dry out before you water again. In soil you gotta let them dry out a decent amount. I much prefer coco over soil. Its very easy to fix problems but in soil you gotta take your time and let it dry out or youll drown her. Everything will be ok tho. In veg and its just a little pH problem. Not a huge issue but it might take a little time to get it back in proper parameters. A week maybe 1.5 weeks and it should be back to happy and perky. Keep me posted and ill try to help as much as i can.
    How much perlite did you use when making up the soil?
  11. Hi there,
    I added around 3-4 cups Perlite per 3 gallon pot.last week I spread dolemite lime into the top of soil and stirred.
    I watered today ph 6.5 and half batch nutes and cal mag first time since last week because the soil was so saturated with half batch of nutes. I ran 3 gallons of 1/2 nute water through each one. Ppm runoff was 650 for both right and left but plant on left ppm was 215 and its showing it.
    Should I add more nutes now?

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    Yeah id feed them around 600ppm and if you added dolemite lime that raises pH so now there's a chance your pH is gonna raise too high since you're watering with your pH at 6.5 on top of dolemite...

    I have watched people do this and fuck up their garden. Mr Canuck is a decent gardener on youtube and i watched him make this mistake. Since you added dolemite you're gonna need to figure out what the pH of your soil is changing to as that breaks down each watering. If it raises your pH and you keep watering at 6.5 its gonna shoot up to low mid 7 and nitrogen wont be as available and your plants will look yellow and hungry and you cant do much to get rid of the dolemite so you have to adjust the pH you're watering with to much lower and try to find the sweet spot. I kinda wish you hadn't added dolemite to your soil. Youre probably going to need to water with lower pH water til the end of your grow to let the dolemite do what it does and raise it to the right spot. How much dolemite did you add???
  13. Someone may have mentioned this already, but just in case... I had similar Ph issues, I couldn't afford good soil to be honest. I had Advanced Nutrients "pH perfect" Nutrients left over from a previous grow. It works for me. I have micro, grow, bloom, B52, big bid, Bud Candy, cal mag. The first three is all u need to correct ph. It would be worth checking out. Good luck my friend.

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  14. I added a few tablespoons in each pot.
    I added the lime last week because my ph run off was so low. Yesterday the runoff ph was around 6.5 for all 3 pots. Wouldn't that mean the dolemite lime worked? Can I add more nutes now to the plant with really low ppm runoff or should I wait until the soil dries a little? This plant is really struggling and it defiantly needs some help. I wasn't sure because since I just flushed with 1/2 nute watered yesterday. the good news is I think I finally got my ph right.

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