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Discussion in 'General' started by PinkFloydStoner, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. My brother just got blazed (I'm sober but not for long hehehe) and I just watched hm struggle to open a simple closet door, he literally had to put his foot on the wall and push to open a simple door, shit I have never seen him this fucked up, oh gawd now hes singing and dancing with my rock band drum sticks and doing squats wow rofl :smoke:
  2. ¡oɹq ʎɹoʇs |ooɔ

  3. woah that upside down text is tripping me out and Im not even high yet lololol thanx though im bout to smoke da pipe its a cigarette pipe XD
  4. Teach me the ways of the secret type!

  5. When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, you will be ready to learn the ways of the upside down letters.


  6. Haha I bet he has a Mac. Macs can do that
  7. nope pc here. how dare you insult me:D
  8. Almost got it. Dang its gone.
  9. ¿ʇɥbıɹʇıuıopıɯɐ

    Seriously though, I never understood why some people get so loopy when they're stoned.
  10. I remember my first consumption of marijuana :eek:

  11. Hes been stoned all day, he usually prett chill and Im the loopy one but hes fuuuuuuuuucked up like Ive never seen him this fucked up but he calmed down hes just listening to music, we are just waiting a few minutes till our parents fall asleep then we are going to smoke and Im about to get high as fuck
  12. Looks more like a puddle of mercury, I'm onto you.


  13. exactly, you cant snatch that shit BIATCH!
  14. ?sbɐɟʍǝu
    Lol :D Upside down and backwards. Ohhhh Im cool now :cool:
  15. haha yeah, i had that one too, but i had the green one with marjorie on fire fighting the dragon on it.
  16. My super lol moment was when I met this guy named Mustafa and eveytime I would forget it's Mustafa, so I just said hey uh...must-ache. He'd get so angry, and say "m...Mustafa" and I just kept calling him Mustache. Then one day he just snapped on me and said "MUSTAAAFAAAAA!!!" And I lol'd so fucking hard. I was high btw.
  17. Sounds like hes having a good time. Better go join him haha. :smoking:
  18. lol you silly silly people haha :p

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