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  1. So i have these plants in the same containers, size, soil, water schedule everything and some are light green and others are totally fine, dark green etc.
    The light green aren't wilting over or anything, doing 8gal of water a day in soil that was amended with bio-live and worm castings. Any idea what is going on?
    thanks guys and gals

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  2. If you're watering every day, that's your biggest problem. They don't like their roots sitting in constant wet soil and you're supposed to let them dry out between watering/feeding episodes. A healthy plant is a nice blue/green color. If your foliage is all dark green, you're too heavy on nutrients. If your watering your plants right and you get the light green coloring, it's usually that they're hungry. But these plants aren't large enough to have drained that much soil of it's nutrition...which is when they get hungry, after using up the nutrients in the soil. It's ALL about the light they get and little about constant feeding of the plant. If you use soil of any real quality, the soil alone will feed for quite a while in containers that large. These plants are like kids. I've been cloning one strain I grow for 6 years....same two seeds I started with eventually got cut down to one and have kept it going that long. But I can take 10 clones off the same plant and they will ALL grow differently. Your soil has so much to do with the way your plants grow and their overall health. You need a very light arid mix that allows for seriously killer good drainage so the plant can keep what it wants and the rest will drain away. You give the plant the time to use up what you gave last time to the point of being almost dead dry, before watering again. It's not as big a deal with plants being grown outside, but even then they don't want wet roots constantly. I'd start there. We use the "lift method," lifting the container to feel for weight. Any weight is water still contained in the soil. But not real sure you can lift those huge containers there, but try letting them dry out a bit between watering and don't feed unless your plants actually need it. TWW
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  3. i would say maybe a iron deficiency? Huge pots means a lot of soil that is going to be a nute stripped waste land after a grow. Is that new soil? Just brain storming.
  4. THanks for the quick feedback. THey are in 300gal bags. they get good light and i just decided to give them a little nutrients the other day. the new growth seems to be a nice darker green color so I'm thinking they were just a little hungry but not much has changed in about a week. i think it might just take a litte more time...
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  5. I'm going to say nitrogen lock out from pH issues. Purple stems are an indicator. Just a guess though.

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