Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Bossvegeta1, May 14, 2011.

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    Wow never seen that... Pic? Maybe I'm not sure dude
  2. @ Freshfed dont know if you can see it turnning red in my pic will upload a close up later when I get back leaving on a trip today. This is a pic of my Big bro plant gonna leave it in my tent till we get back it's turnning red or purple 2.[​IMG]
  3. Is this Nit def all my PPM readings are correct and the ph is alwasy between 5.5 and 5.8my Bro said this may be a heavy fedder and we need to go stronger I use the GH 3part and he uses advance Nutes and the same thing happend. We got seed from same co out of same back his is 2 weeks older and way more red/purple.
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    I thought u meant the leaf lol, stems ok, some strains do that, also larger DIF (that's the diff between day and night temp ) can also cause purpling stems. Otherwise check my sick plant thread for a guide to other possible issues.
    Particularly the phosphorus section!!!

    Hope this helps!
  5. NP as soon as I get back gonna check it out.
  6. Still out of town my Dad will change the rezs for me today. Hope whon I get home I can start my clones bought a new mother ten and will top and LST some new moms in soil in my new tent. And I got a free 2 bulb 2 ft T5 light i will use in the tent 2.
  7. man these things look awesome! did you get your seeds online? if so, legit place?
  8. Yup bought them online get some from a disp in RI I listed the site in te thread. On my way home and sould have some pics up by MON.
  9. How are the ladies doing? I'm very interested to see how the VK turns out.
  10. I harvest them a while ago Dad got sick and had to go to NJ to help him out. He's fine and my girls have be in Sog about twice now smoke is awsome.

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