Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

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  1. Are you talking about splicing all the plants together at early stages of growth or grafting?

    i don't know anything about splicing genes, but if youre talking about grafting one strain of cannabis to another. when you graft a scion (the part you cut off) to a rootstock (the plant you put it on) they both keep their original genes. you can graft many strains to one rootstock and they all stay the same as they were, therefore if you have for instance a purple kush plant with a chem d branch grafted to it, you can take cuts off of the chem d branch and it will remain chem d..

    its very easy. heres one method thats very simple and works well. make sure the rootstock has branches that are somewhat woody, doesn't even have to be that thick, cut the branch and carve a V into it with a sterile scalpel.. take a cut off another plant just as you would a cutting.. cut a point that fits into the V make sure the middle is exposed on each cut so they touch each other.. hold it shut with a clothespin, dont worry about glue or seal don't need it, trust me.. spray cover with a bag (spray the inside) and cut the corners a little so it breathes. twisty tie the bottom shut you wanna keep it humid for a few days. if it sags breathe into the slits in the bag helps or if it needs it take the bag off and spray it down let it breathe cover with bag again.. you'll know when it's taking because the leaves will start pressing against the bag.

    the graft needs to be hardened off. give it a couple hours with no bag one day, then a day without the next, and the 3rd you should be good to take the bag off, and finally remove the clothespin.. you'll see where the cuts are growing together, after a while it gets so solid you can barely tell it was grafted..

    Wondering if your talking about this or not?
  2. Yup that what we did just used a plant gripper though gonna do a mom like this in a few months gotta get my strains colected though.
  3. Called in a few favs will prob graft a mom in 2-3 more month want to have strains that finish in bud together, then bud 2 strains on each plant.
  4. A bud told me it would be best to top my plants now so I topped them as soon as the lights came on to give them a full days light to heal. Will post pics this Fri or sooner it tops heal B4 then.
  5. It's Fri so I cleaned out my tent and my BB's and changed my nute sol. After topping I forgot to re tighten my yo-yo's and they fell on the plants so I got a little burn but there still doing great. [​IMG] [​IMG] The SLH responds well to topping and already has 2 big new top nodes. [​IMG].
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    The VK didn't take to the topping so well but still has 2 new top nodes there just small rite now and some of the leaves yellowed after but my bud said this happens to him when he tops so it's no problem. [​IMG]. [​IMG] may not top my VK in the future as it has tons of bud sites already I will take clones soon and start my sog test for these strains to see what I can get out of 12'-16' plants.
  7. Also will be going to RI to see I can start A CC and record store there I'll let you guys know how the buds are out there when I get back on Tues-Wens.
  8. Hey, nice grow, jw what ph you keep your tanks at? Just cropped some slh myself and was sure he was atleast 3.5zips, 6 monster cola's nothing but bud, but she dried up like no plant I have ever had before! Honestly my first thought when i peeked in my drying tent was "fuk have i been robbed?" it was that bad! Only 2 in the end... Although I am so happy to have it haha, blissfully tasty and the high is explosive!
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    I'm not an expert on grafting but was under the impression that the strains need to be roughly geographically similar so the plant functions better internally, as if you put a haze on an Indica the demands are totally different and so one part will suffer while the other flourishes kinda thing. Am i mistaken?
  10. @ Freshfed I keep my hydro at 5.8-6.0 at all times and you can graft any plant to another even a diff type of plant IE weed and a chilli plantand it would still grow they get what they need from the rez nutes and will grow great. My Dad Has SA and IN on the same plant and they grow fine every time.
  11. One more thing Freshfed how much did it shrink and did you take your wet and dry weight.
  12. I can't wait to try grafting!! :)
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    I'm kicking myself because I didn't take wet weight on this one. I was so impressed I was like well it's a beast, but the bud has just vanished into paper thin calyx from nice fat ones :(
  14. I wont get my hopes up then I'm gonna do a sog test to see what happens heard the smoke was killer like you said in your other post just wont have much dang,,,,,,,, dont know to keep or chuck this strain now.
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    Keep her for sure I don't regret it one bit she smells so fantastic one puff and the room is lemony as fuk lol at least give her a shot! Don't know what happened to mine but hazes seem to do that to me :( lol

    Plus I have her mother waiting to do the same! Small sog should do it!
  16. Will def take your advice just to try some of the meds myself
  17. It's Friday again time to clean and change my rez water. The SLH looks awsome. [​IMG] very green nut not to many bud sites branches are long though.[​IMG]
  18. I have to take back what I said about the VK after topping it slowed a bit but is taller than the SLH now and the smell has some has gotten worse.[​IMG][​IMG] Have to go on a tri p but as soon as I get back I will be taking clone and starting a SOG grow to test the strains out will post pic then.
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    Needs some nitrogen?
  20. Added some extra today whole plant is turnning red my bro has one and his is doing the same is this just the VK pheno?

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