Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

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    After looking at all the nutes you used on your first grow you should have no problem with the connoisseur. like I said just watch your rez PH/PPM close I had to get an Elc monitor for mine and I was fine.

  2. ok i was using soil last time and all the FF nutes. (no experience with hydro)

    i have a ppm meter and a ph, no EC (not even sure what that is)

    what nutes go along with the connoisseur?
  3. I meant electric PH PPM meter just was using text spelling(on my phone now) don't know if you want to use anything while you use it as it is pretty strong but in depends if your strain is a heavy feeder it great all on it's own just test as you go and you should be fine. I hooked mine to a PC and it adds my PH up/down when it changes for me so I dont have to stay in the grow room my Sour D and WW love the setup.
  4. High are you gonna log this grow would love to follow it. I love to watch the strains grow and learn from other growers as much as I can. Keep me posted and stay baked Bro. one more thing how did the molases work for you?

  5. yeah i have a thread now but it was for my last grow. i will be making a new one for the hydro grow and ill keep ya posted.

    it worked great... even though i might not be able to see the difference, i think the stuff works. since this was my first grow im not sure, but i think it helps swell the buds as well as give them a nice sweet taste/smell... i was using Grandma's unsulphured... but im pretty sure that blackstrap molasses is better, i just couldnt find it. just make sure what you get is unsulphured...

    can you use molasses in BB's? :p
  6. I was reading your first grow B4 I had to go to work, will finish reading when I get back home. Don't know if you cand use it in BB's or not but buds told me they wear by it one gave me 5 gallons of BSM but Ive been eating it in pancakes LOL. Just wanted to give it a try B4 I ate it all.

  7. so you got black-strap molasses, but you use it for pancakes? :D :laughing:

    yeah idk either if you can use molasses in BB's...i know you can use FF nutes but they not the best, so fuck em! pissed i bought so many soil nutes...
  8. I just like the taste myself I have to check the forums and see if it can be used in BB's I hope so you said iit gives it taste to the bud and sweetness I may do a soil grow just to tast some sour d with the BSM.
  9. High if you really want some BSM my bro said he bought what he gave me off ebay.

  10. i wouldnt go to soil or coco just for molasses... silly if you ask me.

    and i get grandmas at walmart.
  11. Just may do 1 or 2 plats in one of my Sour D WW rooms just to see what happens
  12. Ok cleaned my tent and my BB's out again added my water and H2O2 will let that run then add my nutes. Plants a looking good so far I love growing 2 diff strains next to each other you can see the dif in these 2. This is the SLH (top) [​IMG] (side) Its very dark green with little smell and about 10 bud sites on it so far. [​IMG]
  13. And the VK is light green with a super strong smell and about 114 or so bud sites not counting eithers main colas. They are both about the same height now giv or take about 2/10" the Vk is also very bush like. [​IMG] (Side) [​IMG]
  14. A babby grass hopper or just a small type some how made it threw my intake duct alive, and ate some of my VK leaves you may be able to see it in the pics. The fan never goes off so I don't know how he made it I think the plant should be ok think I will top and take some clones in about 2 weeks. I may even graft the two together so I have 2 moms that grow SLH and VK on the same plant. Maybe 2-3 grafts per plant.
  15. DAD just told me he will do the grafting for me (he's a real plant pro) and will graft me a MOM that grows Sour D, White Wid, Super Lemon Haze, and Van Kush all on the same plant. I just have to pick a base with the best traits I will have to think on this. I will make a thread with video when the time comes if anyone else wants to do this as I will need only 1 mom now to grow 4 strains it will save me alot of space and $.
  16. sounds crazy.i never heard of this
  17. It's just an old trick from the 70's my dad just showed me I have a chilli plant that grow 3 types of pepers rite now a he has a bud plant with 5 diff strains on it. here's a vid of what I mean I didn't make vid though. but it works 100%. just do as he says just check my dad plant and it works.
  18. I just looked up grafting and OMG!! That's def how I'm gonna do my mother once o get things going better for my grow
  19. Yes bro don't know if you watched the vid I posted but it's all true tell anyone you think might be itereted to check it out. I can't beleave pepole stopped doing this over the years. Can't wait till I have one of these in bloom.
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    Yeah I'm def gonna be telling a few growers I've recently meet about it. See what they think and if they will let me have some cuttings to try it!!

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