Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

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  1. I only have the Liq and dry koolbloom but may get some sweetner what add's you got bro?
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    I've got the three you have then diamond nector, floralicious grow and bloom, flora shield and the kool bloom
  3. I use the flora shield for rooting my clones and the Floralicious I use on my Sour D and WW but dont use those with the GH 3part as they are the same the Flora is made of much better stuff if you can go with that in your grow instead of the 3 part you will get better results. Checked your grow out and will follow hope you do the same for me.
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    I checked out the bottles and they say they have different amounts of stuff in them... This is my first grow so I plan on just following the feeding chart I have and keeping the PPM just below what they recommend. Have you ever tried general organics line? I wanna try that in the future to try for full organic system... I will def be watching your grow through!!! Good luck
  5. No just the normal and the flroa I was thinkging about going with advance nutes once I finish my Bud tent for this grow. Just to see what works better as I have buds who swear by each. Check out GH web site as they have chart for both and how to use with your adds.
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    I am using their chart but mixing a lil light so I don't burn the plants
  7. Thats what I do I start off small and build as plant grows.
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    The plants are doing good saw some white stuff on the walls of the BB's so I cleaned them and added some H2o2. This is the SLH [​IMG] And this is the VK [​IMG]. I hope everything keeps going smooth starting to not like G tents.
  9. why are you not liking grow tents?
  10. Lookin good!! Can't wait for more! Why don't you like the tent?
  11. I never had anyting in my BB's before and the tent gets so hot even though I have 3 fans inside and a 6" intake and exhaust fan. I usally use a whole room to grow in but I don't have any more space in my house so I used a tent.
  12. Darn tent still getting some white stuff and now a bad smell in my BB's never happend B4 water temps ppm and ph is all rite. What going on?
  13. Are you misting your plants? It could be what's left over after the water evaporates. I get white stuff on my wall and I believe that's what it is from... Idk about the smell and ppm from what I've been told 200-400 when they just starting. Hope I helped some :)
  14. Ph 5.5 to 6.1 is what I've been told and honestly not sure about water but mine is 72 to 76
  15. Thanks for the input Snowskate the white stuff is in my buckets I cleand them again with hydrozym and added another airstone to each and added more h2o2 my ph is at 5.6 rite now ppm is 400 and rez temp is 67. A bud told me the T5's give off more lumes than a MH so I may need 5 layers of tape on my buckets iy's 101 outside rite now so I'll have to get some when it gets cooler.
  16. Yeah def don't want any light getting down into your Rez. Just the smallest amount can can major problems. One spot I missed at first was where the air hoses went into my tub. Keep up the good work!! :)
  17. I'm trying even if this grow dosn't go well I still harvest about 10oz of WW and 6-8oz of Sour D a month so I'll have meds just want more choices each day.
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    I'm the same way. If I dont have did types I grow a tolerance. I find mixing dif types is the only way to help relive my pain.

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