Super Lemon Haze and Vanilla Kush grow.

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  1. i harvested my super lemon haze a couple weeks ago and it was worth the weight.dry weight was a little over 4 oz.the smoke was probably the best i ever are going to be very happy with that super lemon haze.i jjust ordered some laughing buddah,tangerine dream and vanilla kush to do next and got 2 seeds free.
  2. Thanks 5mokestacks i heard the same thing so I had to grow some do you ave any pics and how tall did they get want to grow with my VK but heard the SLH grows tall.
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  4. Also that singleseedcentre your odering from is the only place i do buisness. and yes they do send free feminised seeds with an order of over 30$...but totally great i will never use another seed took 11 days to get to east coast...i paid the extra 16$ so i wouldn't have to sign for it. but i looked up value on seeds they sent free and wow. TOP shelf....another thing i was gonna say is i ordered single seeds except of the strain i really wanted...and i havn't had any duds....TOP NOTCH
  5. Seeds came today and were all perfect even got my 2 free seed both were auto's I don't really use them but may check them out later. Will keep seeds in a balck jar in the fridge they last almost forever this way. JUst need my RR plugs and I can get started.[​IMG]
  6. Just noticed most of my seeds are from Barney's Farm LOL, I thought Green House was my fav CO.
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    Man that BCN Diesel Auto is almost $20 a seed and I heard it's a total lay down stone. A freind told me he use to grow but had to buy new seed every three months can you clone this plant?
  8. Anyone got any tips germ in RR plugs.
  9. Autos you can't clone... RR's work great just keep em moist
  10. Dang whould have realy liked to have kept the BCN Diesel strain without the seed buying still have Red Diesel though.
  11. May have lost my SLH I had a true stoners moment got medicated then drunk a new THC drink went to transplant seed and droped it then my tap root got some of my girls cat hair on it. I took it off and planted dont know if this will do aything bt I dont like anything to touch my tap root hope she makes it. The cat dosen't even come past the second and I'm on the forth how did the hair get up here.
  12. Still no sprouts set the temp in the tent to 79d and will put 1 dropper full of water on RR if they start to dry out.
  13. Sprouts have not only popped they have good roots already (for 2 days old) don't think I'll ever use rockwool again RR plugs are so mch easier. I will wait and see how gro goes before I make up my mind though, need to take some clones with them first. I saw my buddies clones and they were awsome so no worries there really. I have 1 ? for tent growers though should I run my air intake line direct from my AC or the room tent is in. When I cut my T5's on temps went from 77 to 81 I know this is ok and temps outside today in AM is mid 80's.
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    Long time no post over vac weekend eating. Ok so I put the RR cubes into my 4" STG cubes when I saw roots coming out of them. Then I added them to my BB's with a little hydroton. First pic is the SLH [​IMG] she is about an in taller than the VK seen in pic 2. [​IMG] I have fan running on them now to get strong stems and am pumping pure O into the room.
  15. Sorry pic of tent setup didn't show thats my T5's up top too.[​IMG]
  16. how are those sunleaves 4" cyclinder air stones working out??

    good bubblage going on with just one in each bucket? lol
  17. Doing good so far will post some pics soon replaced 1 with an 8" air disk to test an see which will work better in my setup. but if I turn my pump up to 50% it makes the lid float up a little.
  18. Lookin pretty good!! I also just started my first grow. Six clones and one seed. I am also using GH nuits... But I got all of the additives to go with it. I'm interested to see how our grows compare... See if all the extra shit is worth it or not. I am also using LED lighting. I'll def be watching can't wait for more!!

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