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    This is my second marijuana grow, ever, but i have years of experience around plants so i'm good in that department.
    I got some Super Lemon Haze seeds off of a buddy and 3 of 4 germinated and have been growing BUT their growth has been slowed due to heat
    Where i live at on island is hot pretty much year round with ambient temperatures in the room ranging from 88-96 during the day and as low as 79 at night; my grow closet varies between 82-92..
    The closet is 76"x27"x108" and the room it shares is 13'x13',  with a 6" 400CFM inline pulling through my 600w HPS cool tube at 65%.
    The closet is exhaust up in to my attic/crawlspace thing
    I have 1 box fan in the room with 2 more in the house but that has only helped a little bit. In the room the closet shares, there is a window ac that is on the opposite wall 13' away, but that doesn't effect temperature even a SINGLE degree during the day. I have blackout shades on order which i feel will help things dramatically.
    I have tried running two different intakes, one for light and a passive for box but that was ineffective with the duct booster fan sucking either intake. The only temporary solution is to keep the doors of the closet open until i can figure something out.
    PLEASE help, i have tried so many ideas and i am sick of throwing money away.
    Sorry if this doesn't flow very well, i am stoned.. :)


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  2. If all else fails I'm thinking of making grow tent and building it around the window a/c which will allow for a tent about the same size maybe bigger. I have to sleep/bring chicks to this room which was way the closet was ideal but.. gotta do what you gotta do
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  3. 5'x5'x'7' tent on the way, Amazon says it should be here by Friday. Once my plants bounce back from this heat i'll start the journal off :)
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    Well, the tent is working, yesterday i had a 24hour range of 72-82, $145 well spent!
    Some changes that i have made:
    *AC is set to 72 with pipping blowing right on the plants. This creates enough of a breeze that i shut off my oscillating fan.
    *I have no exhaust running, just using passive exhaust to keep the temps as low as possible; we'll see how this works out in time
    *Kicked the light up to 75%
    *Dropped the light to about one and a half feet off of the top of plants
    *Added three seeds of unknown that i have named Joel. I started them in a small pot to experiment how much the initial pot size effects growth. There has to be a drop off point which too big is disadvantageous and you are just washing nutrients out, so i am playing to figure that out.
    *Rearranged the pots into two rows so they are now all evenly spaced.
    *Even though growth was retarded i am going to hold course and start nutrients at the beginning of week 5, 10/23.
    *FIM'd the two left plants to compare growth/yield to plant 1.
    *To Do
    *Carbon Filter (Don't know how i am going to do that with passive exhaust)
    *Muffle my damn jet engine in-line fan.
    Another idea i have is to get a speed controller, because i don't think i need a 450CFM fan, at full speed, to cool my 600W HPS.
    Without further ado, here are the pictures of my 3 week of babies which were growing slow as balls.

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    As of 6 hours ago 24 hour temps were 62-81. I don't even understand how my tent could get to 62 whenever ambient temps were 79-90 and the AC is set to 72 :confused_2:
    The 3 seeds i added on the 13th have sprouted and are on their way.
    I also dropped the light down to about 2 shakas, 12 or so inches, off of the plants
    Whether anyone responds or not i'll keep updating  :hello:
  6. I currently have my plants up on stools to get closer to the light (see the pic 2 posts ago) with the thought process that the light should be fixed to reduce the length and amount of ducting. Now that i am building my SCROG (PVC & wire) i see that this won't work once i add the SCROG to the grow. 
    I have a good 7 foot of ducting on the exhaust side of the fan that leads to the window which is why i am trying to keep length to a minimum.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on the most efficient way to do lighting/plant setup?  

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