Super late plants... What would you do?

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  1. Today my boss lead me outside, and waiting in his trunk was 4 little plants that look no more then a few weeks old. He asked me to help, which I agreed to, but he has some serious expectations, which I don't think I'll be able to meet. Our set up is good, but late October is pushing the weather deadline.

    In hope of increasing the yield, I was thinking of trying a SOG or ScrOG method or whatever, but I have little experience in that, and wasn't sure if the limited time would make it a worse idea.

    Please leave all and any ideas on how to make these plants turn out as good as possible in the limited time frame

    Relevant information:
    - Space monkey (Gorrilla glue x wookie)
    - looks like a sativa but I'm not sure
    - 65 day flowering cycle
    -Southern Canada climate

  2. Never grown in.canada if you got till late oct id definitely give it a go are they photos or autos?
  3. They're probably gonna be photos... but since you brought it up, I kinda hope they are autos. I have to find out from the guy my boss got them from.
  4. Can you post pics of em to get some kinda size estimate
  5. Space monkey has a nice ring to it would like to know more about it if possible. Good luck
  6. 20190718_105544.jpg

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