Super Indica Bagseed Micro Grow (biggest seedling eva!)

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    Ok, i have been fucking astonished to say the least over my most recent bagseed grow, im only 8 days into (from putting the germed seed in soil, NOT from poping above ground) it yet this beast looks like most plants 2 weeks in at LEAST, this thing is already wider than the 1 gallon pot it is in and only 3 inches tall. the overall size of the fan leaves for their age is fucking MASSIVE
    The leaflets are the FATEST leaflets ive ever had the pleasure of watching grow, it appears to be almost 100% indica, which is VERY rare to get from bagseed around here, i was expecting some thin gangly, tall ass lanky sativa from mexico, yet this super squat, SUPER dark green indica pops out of the ground.

    i SWEAR to you this thing is only 8 days old from the day i put the seed in the soil,

    THIS WAS THE SLOWEST growing of 3, the other two were transplanted outside 3 days ago, as soon as tomorrow comes and it isnt dark outside i will start an outdoor grow journal for them...WISH ME LUCK

    the indoor baby is under 3, 23 watt 2700k cfl's, as i JUST switched to 12/12 today because i only have 1 foot of verticaL GROW ROOM,

    i will be adding up to EIGHT 13 watt 2700k cfl's for supplemental lighting as it grows taller.

    as of right now i JUST topped it, and 8 small tops are forming at the inter-nodes.

    I have never had a plant grow this fast, looking this healthy, and ALL 3 are growing the same way, super fast and super green. Im expecting, if this goes femm, about a half o of some super dank Indica body melting BUD!

    Here it is in its setup, current temps are 72 farenheight during light cycle, 66 farenheight during dark, when i hook up all 8 of the other 13 watts to mock up what temps would be like in full flower, i get 84 lights on, same 66 with them off (66 being what our air conditioning is)
    Here is a height comparison with a lighter
    And to show how insanely wide it is for only being 8 days old :) and how insanely INDICA it is as well lol (the tip of the leaf on the top of the pic was trimmed because my cat decided to chew it up >:|
    and here is said cat the chewed the leaf....her name is Smur, BAD SMUR!!!! (the Pug is my dog Mo, hes cool as shit :)

    follow along for an interesting grow :)
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    Oh yea, here are some pics of the Bud i get my seeds from, its is NOT actually this color in person, thanks to the shit cell phone pics, it has a muc more "limey-green" color in person. and the hairs are more PINK than red/orange

    It is definately the BEST NON-SENSI bud i have found around here, it has that wonderfull fruity dank smell to it, with a HINT of a piney/musky aroma...By non-sensi i mean i find the OCCASIONAL seed, maybe 4-5 seeds per half ounce. No less potent then the standard Sensi Dank i can get, i just prefer it becuase i get GREAT smoke, and GREAT seeds at the same time :)

    Pretty sure this nug was EARLY harvested, definately the structure of indica, and the offspring does not lie, yet the Nug still has a very Heady, soaring high, unlike most indica ive had the pleasure of smoking
  3. damn dude, that plant is huge for less than a week old!

  4. i know man, imgoing to take pics of my outdoor ones now...just wait :)
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    :O even more astonishing news today :) after switching to 12/12 for ONE DAY and giving its first dose of a teaspoon of molasses, it grew 2 inches in a single 12 hours dark cycle.....i really really hope this is female, becuase it is exibiting growth patterns more suited to male plants :(

    2 inches of growth in one 12 hour dark period :O

    EDIT::: I will take pics of my outdoor babies and start their grow journal as soon as it quits raining :)
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    First Smoke Report (just for lulz)

    well, i trimmed just a little bit 2 days ago (1 day before 12/12 switch)(first 2 true leaves and from the leaf my cat chewed) and it appeared to be fully dry now, so i packed it into my bong for shits n giggles, about 1 fully packed bowls worth, and i was able to rip 4 or so big ass was far less harsh than i expected, although as expected it tasted like lawn clippings xD, but i AM ACTUALLY FEELING a noticeable buzz, very heady, but DEFINATELY not placebo, ive smoked long enough to know when i feel something, kinda feels like maybe 1 good hit of Pipe Resin, but more heady...

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good sign? never really thought to smoke trim from the VEG period, let alone from a plant this young before as i thought it would be about equivallent to smoking maple leaves xD But it seems all i thought was common sense and all i have read may be a little bit off...whuddya think?

    perfectly fine with considering the 10 min buzz a rush from lack of oxygen to my brain which will inevitably follow 4 succsesive large rips of ANY plant matter xD
  7. hahahaha funny stuff man. I would never even consider smoking the leaves while its in veg but I guess there is a little thc in them.

  8. yea lol, wasnt worth smoking at all xD but still nice to know theres some activity going on for the better in there lol
  9. The plant is almost always covered in THC. However, during veg, it's a minuscule amount. As it matures it will get more & more. My girl is a few weeks into flower and just gentle touching any part of the stem makes my finger stink of weed and become a bit sticky.
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    heres a Picture update of the inter-nodal growth on the indoor baby. you can see the 2 newest tops forming at the highest node where it was topped yesterday, at that time there wasnt even a hint of new growth noticeable with a 20x magnifying glass :O

    and this picture should explain in DETAIL why i switched to 12/12 SOOOO DAMNED early xD
  11. Considering that i have 8 small tops rapidly forming, i have decided i a mgoing to SCROG this plant to get the tops where i want them. I was thinking about LST but the stem on this plant is just too dam sturdy, super cropping would be the only option other thsn SCROG and that just makes me nervous lol

    did some trimming to let the tops get direct later today
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    got some pic updates for yall....did some trimming :D check out those beautiful 7 finger fan leaves :D i can already picture the 8 corn dog lookin colas growin out the top of this baby xD

  13. Have not had to do any nutes other than molasses because the cotyledons are still nice thick and green :)
  14. Yea I was seriously considering starting to use real light doses of nutes this early but I am going to wait also. Your plant is looking great, nutes it definitely does not need.
  15. Here's to the power of positive thinking; careful not to let it grow into self delusion. I'm sure I'm not the only one to be skeptical about claims of getting high off of immature cabbage, so don't feel a need to defend your opinion. It is a big healthy beast at any rate.

  16. +1 to positive thinking. Im still expecting male, i always go in expecting male so i dont get dissapointed, but when i get females it becomes exciting lol
  17. I must be going crazy, i could swear the tops are developing ALTERNATING nodes already.....even before the 2 weeks mark, as soon as it becomes noticeable enough for a pic i will update :)
  18. Alternating means its mature doesn't it?
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    i think so, thats why its confusing me, some say its a sign the plant is entering flowering, but ive had plants go into flowering for a couple weeks before the alternating nodes develop.

    I'm pretty sure it just means i can take cuttings or start flowering without worry of stressing the planmt too much, and it means it may be about to spit out all those white hairs im hoping for, or all those balls no one EVER wants to see lol

    assuming it is HAIRS, i think ill take a cutting from one of the tops and reveg it so as soon as this plant finished i will have yet another garunteed female of the same super healthy genetics to grow :)

    and just because it irks me (someone with a very slight botanical background) there are 2 TYPES of trichomes on cannabis. The standard mushroom headed trichs, but those little tiny hairs that cover every square inch of the plant are trichomes too. or at least on other plants they are called trichomes.

    Its just like the strain thing, there are ONLY 3 strains of cannabis...Sativa (which includes hemp, YES it does) Indica (the best imho) and ruderalis, im going to go the whole Jorge Cervantes route here and say there are HUNDREDS of VARIETIES of cannabis....but only 3 strains

    i felt like ranting because i just got in an argument over it with my brother

    he sais there are variants between the chromosomes of strains....when in fact, unless the plant is suffering from a mutation, the chromosomes in Hemp are the same as the best Indica strains you can find...the DNA chain of each individual plant is diffwerent....its the same way in people

    you DONT say someone from Sudan is a different strain just because their DNA chain is different, they have the EXACT same set of chromosomes, (unless there is a mutation) we are ALL people, just different varieties :smoke:
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    it would seem this beast is growing so quickly it warrants an update at LEAST once a 3 new pics for yall today :D

    i actually removed the lowest 2 of the 8 tops, as they were growing sooooooo slowly they looked like they were standing still compared to the remaining 6 lol

    that is the EXACT SAME lighter i was using for size comparisons the day i started the journal...BIG difference (the leaf on the RIGHT is actually 8 prong (i know, lolwtf?!) it has a tiny mutant little 8th prong between the nezt 2 smallest leaflets, YAY FOR MUTANTS!)


    and here it is LOVING the red wavelength 2700k cfls :D...theres actually one 2200k cfl as well....didnt know they made them that RED untill i found a 13 watt one at Lowes...its was $4.49 so i thought "eh, why the hell not" lol. actually made the overall glow WAAAAAAY redder/oranger than it was which im hoping is a GOOD thing :)O look at the size of those tops starting at the inter nodes :D the tops are only 4 days old lol) its going into hyper-drive for flowering

    also...I watched this movie...its fucking AMAZING!

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