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  1. alright i was thinking and i thought since there are so many blood vessels under your tongue and stuff absorbs in your blood stream faster. thats why you put acid and salvia under there. now heres the question: if you just kept a mouthful of beer or liquor in your mouth for a while and swished it under your tongue, would it fuck you up more? :confused:
  2. I have no idea...does the alcohol need to be processed by our bodies first to use it? i dunno and was this really....super important? :p
  3. yea it is super important :p limited quantities of alcohol, need to get as drunk as possible. and now i think about it i guess it probably does have do be processed in your body somehow....fuck my life lol
    p.s. 499 posts :metal:
  4. my guess is no
  5. better to just swallow it. im not too big a fan of the way beer tastes but im sure a big fan of the effect. and i sure dont want to wait a few minutes to feel the beer in my mouth. being all carbonated and all im sure it would be like keeping seltzer water there for a while.

    i know what you mean and yes theoretically it would work but just drink it normally it wouldnt be worth the wait for a good time.
  6. no

    the only reason acid and salvia work like that is because there transdermal, acid will absorb through your skin, and under ur tongue just so happens to be where the blood vessels are closest to the outside of the skin
  7. No it doesn't work or else people would be getting fucked up after washing their mouth out with mouthwashes like Listerine.

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