Super important poll

Discussion in 'General' started by thelizardkin, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Ok blades please respond this is a dire matter
  2. Batman is ma *****
  3. Thats a ridiculously dumb question.
    OF COURSE its batman.
    Jesus aint got SHIT on batmans gadgets.
  4. talk about mofuckin torn between my *****s. Jesus AND Batman? shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    so I just clicked Batman and yelled IMATHEISTBITCH
  5. Whats the question? How do we make a choise if there is no question?

    Who is funnier? Jesus.

    Who gets more pussy? Batman.

    Who keeps more little boys around? Its a tie. BOW!
  6. Jesus.

    I've always thought Batman was the gayest of the super heroes. And I'm pretty gay. He's just gayer.

  7. When you die batman shal cast you out of the Wayne manor
  8. Dark knight rises this summer woooooo!!!!


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