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  1. Just watched the movie "Super High Me" on netflix. It was actualy pretty interesting and funny. Surprisingly enough i actually learned a few things about smoking weed lol. Just wondering if anyone else saw it and what your thoughts were
  2. My thoughts on it... The comedian seemed like he was bitter.. His jokes were more of an attack or a way to let out his anger in a sarcastic (sardonic) way. I feel the man needs to let God into his life and let the bad spirits escape
  3. Easy going take that talk to the religion thread before you get flamed like all the evil sinners lol.
  4. Or the fact he didn't inhale.
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    It wasn't very funny to me and it basically just retold me most of the shit I already knew, that's the thing about pot documentaries and shit, once you learn about the plant and watch a couple, you've seen them all.

    Especially that strain hunters shit on youtube, SO BORING! I'd rather go to my growers and finger fuck his plants.

  6. I guess thats true but idk this was my first one
  7. Everytime he made a joke I kinda cringed. That dude is just not funny to me...
  8. He wasn't that funny
  9. Doug Benson is a cock. He made some very, very distasteful comments about the Canadian military overseas and had to cancel several shows in Canada due to death threats. Not that he was funny before his bad comments...
  10. I get the general dislike for the guy but i mostly payed attention to the premises of the movie. What the effects would be of not smoking for 30 days and then non-stop smoking for 30 days and they also threw in the war on drugs dilema kinda as a side note. If it wasnt doug in the movie would you guys like it more or still no?
  11. It was nothing special, a money grab at best.

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