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  1. Working Stiffed - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 9/20/2010 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

    This is the show that I hear about from Conservatives is 'ultra liberal', basically launching an affront to one of the biggest allies of the Democrats, the labor Unions. I don't think Fox-ites would know what objectivity in reporting felt like if it slapped them in the face. I don't see how anyone can deny that shows like The Daily Show and Colbert Report are more middle of the road than anything else on TV and radio. While, yes, there is a personal bias of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I don't think you can deny that they aren't open-minded, and aren't holding both sides accountable.
  2. I tend to enjoy Colbert more than Stewart, generally speaking; but I think they're both entertaining. And from what I can tell, they're both equal opportunity satirists.
  3. Also a fan of both, though I'm a sucker for Colbert's brand of over the top American cheese.
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    yo, just because the daily show did a (basically) objective look at unions, it doesnt mean that the show is suddenly the basis of objectivity on republicans and democrats

    ive been watching jon stewert pretty consistently now for at least a few months, and i would estimate that on average nowadays, at least 3/4 of his core show is in some way talking about republican policies, or scandals, or whatever someone with an (R) said in the news recently. sure he mentions the popular dem scandals, charlie rangel comes to mind, but unless its monumentally stupid, if youre a (D) and you say it, youre relatively safe. AND if he does mention you, he will most certainly lead the D story into an R story, ive seen it happen time and time again

    now in terms of right and left, the daily show and colbert are far from extreme left, and as far as bing objective, they certainly can be, but the slant is there, and its obvious

    all of this is in my opinion of course, i do try to watch on a pretty regular basis, the show is deteriorating but still entertaining
  5. I stopped watching both of them almost 4 months ago. Now I watch T.V when i'm tired of politics. Not to hear two left-wing nuts make fun of politics.
  6. Its just one of their token love taps. Fox does the same sort of thing. Anyone who watches either shows for a length of time can see its all about belittling the right. For fuck sake, the whole networks is dedicated to that goal. Not to mention their Christianphobia.
  7. For someone who always complains about media bias. you sure do enjoy to flaunt your own.

    Yea, I'm sure Viacom is afraid of Christians. :rolleyes:
  8. shit just got real
  9. i thought their "christianfobia" is one of their most endearing qualities :D

    i'm fucking terrified of religion in general, and christianity in paticular

  10. No doubt they have a bias, but like I said, they at least criticize their own, which Republicans/Conservatives (in the media) will only do when it's political feasible. Every speech by partisan politicians is planned and part of their party's strategy in order to elicit a specific benefit to the party. The Daily Show just points out the retards in a fashion that will get their show laughs. They have no reason to be partisan, being non-partisan is more profitable for them.
  11. bleh they're partisan to attract certain demographics. especially for a company like viacom, comedy central is just a demographic (the same that would smoke pot and talk on a pot forum) :smoke:

    i wouldnt be surprised if viacom owned grasscity, or has at least put in a bid
  12. Didn't Stewart claim to have a study from the University of Pennsylvania that showed the 'pot smoking losers' (Bill O'Reilly) who watch the Daily Show are more intelligent than the people who watch Bill O'Reilly on O'Reilly's show?
  13. Huh?

    Well, based on the standard for what is supposedly Islamophobia.....

    Which proves how utterly hypocritical the left is.
  14. Really? All of the left is hypocritical?
  15. I agree with this, they do a bit of poking on both sides of the isle so to speak but i definitely think its a bit one sided and you can tell that Stewart takes the show in a direction a lot of the time in line with his own views. I don't care whose side they are on, even though to me it can be very obvious at times, because i don't watch either of those shows to get my news I think Stephen Colbert is funny as shit. Unfortunately, i feel like that's where a lot of people do get their news.
  16. The Daily show and the Colbert Report balance each other out.
    Colbert is ultra conservative.

    I like the daily show way more. I don't like that Colbert plays a character on his show.

    Sometimes I think Jon Stewart is high on the show and doing things that you have to be high to get:cool:
  17. You realize its not actually "ultra conservative" and hes just mocking people on the right? :rolleyes:

    Not really. They take token swipes at some in the Democrat party, but its not what the show is all about. They just do it so they can say 'we take shots at both sides".

  18. here and i thought that religion had the market on hypocrisy cornered.

    don't presume that i am a "political liberal" just because i am a "social liberal" the two are very separate. bit of a leap on your part, i try my damnedest to be unpalatable to both the left and the right

    and i take the accusation of hypocrisy a little personally, i have never one time intimated that i had any opinion of religion other than absolute, unmitigated, revulsion
  19. i did go on to say its one sided. i agree with you about this.
  20. Nobody thinks it's super hardcore liberal, but they are definitely liberal. I used to watch them all the time, along with Bill Maher, but then I just... couldn't. They would tow the establishment line on most of the hot non-issues.

    The people on Huffington Post are basically who the viewership is... the ones who think Obama is too right wing. :rolleyes:

    It's probably still the most objective news source on TV though...

    rofl :D

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