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Super glued slide bowl piece is it okay to smoke out of?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 420swag, May 1, 2012.

  1. I smoked out of it, im fine because I put the pieces on then glued on the outside now find a way to tell me its bad still
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    it's not like we're trying to prove you wrong, you're the one who made the thread asking us. super glue + heat + any form of inhalation = bad.

    but do what you want man, it's your health not ours.
  3. Yeah dude, it's obvious you were just looking for someone to justify a stupid decision/action. Roll a joint or find something else to smoke out of until you can get a new slide, a cheap one won't be more than 5$. It's possible super glue will work for a while and it's also possible you won't die or suffer from brain damage/cancers, but why risk it when it's so much easier and smarter to find another alternative?
  4. If it was the slide, but the bowl? It's going to get hot and the super glue will release nasty ass toxic fumes, and you don't even know what kind of nasty ass shit is in that.
  5. Do NOT do that. Cyanoacrylic glue(AKA super glue) produces cyanide gas when heated. It is deadly.
  6. if/when op inhales the toxic fumes and gets rushed to the hospital, they'll find a way to blame it on the weed. thanks op. smart kid. :rolleyes:
  7. I wouldn't use it... A broken bowl/slide sucks but inhaling glue fumes would be worse.
  8. since the op
    listen's to me ill try this
    hey dude i know i told you it will work but it probobly isnt good for you and might cause cancer but if you live in ca.you would see sign's everywhere that say prop 65 and you would know that even anything cooked over an open flame causing charing on food has been known to cause cancer... but just go buy a new slide or smoke some joint/blunt's

    dude people do meth/krokadile and those have seriously bad chemical's for you and they shoot that shit straight to the vein's + i have seen a chick on intervention shot up windex ....so alot of thing's could kill you ...key word is could or better yet will so just rember the choice's you make today will affect you tommorow
  9. just go buy a new slide ,or get some one who can to ....
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    yah i did the same thing couple of months ago and works like almost new... just can't pull the bowl peace out anymore... on a vape i wouldn't though might get to hot

  11. The smoke from a bong is hotter than any vapor a vaporizer can produce. I don't understand why you would think superglue would be safer on a bowl, or safe at all for that matter :confused_2:

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