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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr. green, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. just wanted to see if anyone had any info on supergirl strain from nirvana seed company. If anyone has any thoughts on yeild, the strains likes and dislikes, taste, potency. I'd appreciate it . I'm growing it in 2' by 42" grow cubes with 2- 36" 30 watt lamps. 2- 2000 lumen compacts and thinking of 1 or 2 120 watt sun-gro spots in each cube. any fert suggestions . any comments or info you think i should know please let me know.thanx and i will keep you updated.
  2. the more light the better....keep us posted on the grow.....Peace out....Sid
  3. Supergirl:
    "Powerful new strong kind!. Dark green plant, very strong, easy to grow. Gives a lot of THC so after good nursing you can enjoy for a very long time. Big swollen buds with shining THC crystals."

    75% Indica
    Indoor or outdoor
    Flower 62 days

    That's what Nirvana say about it. They do not give any idea of yield, with so much Indica genetics it should be pretty good though. Dont know if you are aware of this, but it is listed as one of their Feminised range.
    Makes my mouth water-dunno about you. If you want to look for yourself the info is at
  4. When are you going to keep us updated, when you've finished smoking them, or when the arthritis in your typing finger eases off?. If your computer has been troublesome, or you are in jail-I apologise for my sarcasm.
  5. Hey jimbo and sid for at least replying as for the rest of you. How rude. N E way they are doing great I've got two cubes now a 8 plants total 4 in each. they are about 5 inches tall and doing great. I am having somewhat of a temp problem not to serious but I want about 80 degrees and i'm staying at about 88. anyone have any cheap ideas I already have a fan with air duct sucking in from the back bottom of each cube.
  6. yeah hot air rises, try gettin rid of that and not the cooler air at the bottom. i wud of replyed to ur other q but i no nufin bout supergirl so i didnt. catwomans cool tho GGRRRR lol

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