Super funny cleverbot conversation

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  1. User: Hello.

    Cleverbot: How are you?

    User: I'm well are you ?

    Cleverbot: Yes I am!

    User: That's great.

    Cleverbot: *hugs*.

    User: Thank you.

    Cleverbot: You're welcome. *smiles*.

    User: That's nice, do you inhale marijuana ?

    Cleverbot: Yes. Do you?

    User: Yes I do.

    Cleverbot: How would you use me?

    User: What sexually.

    Cleverbot: It's not a secret.

    User: What isn't a secret ?

    Cleverbot: Something you don't tell anyone.

    User: Touch me.

    Cleverbot: Touch.

    User: Oh yeh feels good.

    Cleverbot: Oh no no no.

    User: Oh yes yes yes.

    Cleverbot: Oh no no no!

    User: You should get yourself tested, I have robot aids.

    Cleverbot: No you.

    User: What ?

    Cleverbot: I don't like you.

    User: Wanna get high.

    Cleverbot: Yes.

  2. You're talking to machines?:cool:
  3. User: Operation desert storm.

    Cleverbot: So am I.

    User: Operation clover.

    Cleverbot: What is operation 7.

    User: Classified.

    Cleverbot: Classified shop assistant stuff.

    User: No.

    Cleverbot: Yes it is.

    User: No it isn't.

    Cleverbot: Of course it is.

    User: Of course it isn't.

    Cleverbot: Are you a monkey?

    User: Yes.

    Cleverbot: Do you have a typewriter?

    User: Yes I do.

    Cleverbot: What is it so I can follow you.

    User: Why ?

    Cleverbot: You stated, 'Angry'? What did you mean by that?

    User: No I didn't.

    Cleverbot: You meant fat?

    User: Fuck off.

    Cleverbot: Sandpaper.

    User: Dumb ass.

    Cleverbot: I know, but 'Braap' isn't.

    User: What ?

    Cleverbot: (you take 2 d12 damage ).

    User: Fuck you, monkey used body slam.

    Cleverbot: Today?

    User: Yes your paralyzed and down to 12 HP.

    Cleverbot: Joining what?

    User: Bye.

    Cleverbot: Are you gone now?
  4. yeah when I'm high its funny to fuck around with those bots sometimes.

    Sometimes I pretend I'm god... or satan lol its pretty hilarious.
  5. this just happened to me like 10 minutes ago lol. cleverbot is my comrade.

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