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  1. I just bought a superflower led 3.0 and was wondering when you are top feeding, if the clones are in rock wool how often do you have to water them, because I am on my first grow and right now the water is set  to 15 minutes every 6 hours, i don't want to over water. anyone help with this? here is a couple pictures. 1616699_810082585672607_170168542_n.jpg outside
    1616590_810076069006592_1918718113_n.jpg inside
    1797193_810076322339900_1628655180_n.jpg inside top 1600119_810224732325059_1443904100_n.jpg first set of 8 

  2. I water whenever the rockwool gets dry. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. cant overwater hydro.... as long as u have drainage and oxygen in the rootzone :smoke:
  4. you can't over water hydro? i didn't know that i thought with the rockwool holding so much water you could but since i have changed the feeding to 15 min every 3 hours. but i made a new post because now it seems i'm having a diferent issue.
    I think the above post is correct. As long as you have some kind of constant oxygenation, you can't really over-water the plants. In a DWC system, the roots are CONSTANTLY under water, but those plants thrive because the root zone has enough air, so I feel like the same conclusion can be had about rockwool; as long as the water is oxygenated, you can't really overwater.
  6. You can however get moldy rockwool if its always damp.
  7. Truth. Just got rid of it a few days ago.

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