Super Flea Yields Decent Mini GonG

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Snowy Sessions, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Went to the superflea today, found a lil shop called "Pipe Dreams". Got this lil GonG for $30. Fist official bong. i was lookin at a nice bubble bottom ADS. prolly get it next time.


  2. That could probably fit in a big jacket pocket. Good pick up. Especially for the price! Any thoughts on how thick it is? Looks like 3mm.
  3. AWW! How cute! :p

    That is pretty cool, looks like it has backsplash though.:mad:
  4. Nice little tube for that price man :bongin: Oh, Superflea in Cheektowaga? My friend got his first gong piece there, Pipe Dreams too actually lol.
  5. I dont understand the downstem...

    It looks like a connected bowl/downstem.
  6. I see what you're saying trikky, but I think the bowl pulls out somehow... or it could just be a lil ghetto, cause if they're connected, it's still only as long as a normal bowl :p

    But that's pretty cool... I like mini bongs, altho it's too bad they didn't do a better job on the slide, connected or otherwise it's a bit ugly.
  7. actually, backsplash isnt bad, thats just water from me rinsing it out.

    yeah, in cheektowaga. nice.

    the bowl is connected to the downstem, i was tryin to getty a diffy sownstem with it, and a slider. but i didnt feel like waitin around for the guy to find one that was the right length (lot of ppl there) so im gonna try to get one next time i go. works for now though.
  8. lol that bong is cool but the slide is weak lol. get a diffy on that thing and it will be sweet. nice pick up.

  9. yeah thats waht i need.
  10. Nice pickup dude, looks like you could fit a lot of bud in that bowl hot damn...

    I have my 2-piece GonG too, 18" tall, 14.5mm joint.. thing still rips, even without the 3 separate pieces (and thus no diffuser)

  11. lol. yeah. a full bowl gets me and 2 buddies set. another one usually kills us. :smoke:

  12. yeah. fits in my Special Blend coat easy. the thing is made by snowners, for snowners
  13. The slide is perfectly fine... Its a $30 bong dude, what do you expect? A worked german style diffusor with art work on it?

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