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Super Fire Grape Stomper !!! check it out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kootsman, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. ive got to move to cali. dank bud you got there :smoke:
  2. Not that far west buddy right in CO:D:D
  3. What is the difference between calculated active cannabinoids and relative ratio of active cannabinoids? (two columns on your link)
  4. What in the fuck are you guys talking about they do this all the time in Colorado it's not unheard of what-so-ever, the fact that you guys are questioning it shows you've been under a rock for quite some time :poke:

    I bought some budder from a Boulder dispensary that was tested at 80% THC today... yes actually tested in a lab, as in the one the OP posted a link too.

    Naivety :rolleyes:

    To the OP, solid price and very nice lookin buds, great trim to those nugs
  5. Thats dank man but the name most likely bullshit.
  6. #26 OCTAGONAL HOME, Oct 4, 2010
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  7. Wow man you're so lucky, you said you paid 275? A zip of that in Minnesota would easily be 400
  8. lol @ the 2 in this thread who believe in the "lab tested" label slapped on by the dispensary .
  9. It's actually not slapped on by the dispensary -- it's from our medical marijuana reviews website. We have an agreement with the testing lab and all of the reviews since August have had full cannabinoid testing. This particular strain tested at 25.71% THC and 1.73% CBD, both very good numbers. Those are the total calculated active cannabinoids, not the total (which include inactive compounds). The total active amounts including CBD and CBN compounds is 27.73%.

    KindReviews - The Mile High Standard
  10. Thank you MMJiCO! You guys do some kickass reviews.
  11. That's some serious buddha man!! I've heard of this strain but I'm yet to try it. After your review, I may have to peep that place out. I'm in Boulder and there's a place here that has some bud called Monkey Bite. It's Grape Ape x Blue Velvet. And it's $42 an 8th for nonmembers which always makes it all the better. I love Colorado!!! You don't have to worry bout weed man being dry...instead you gotta worry about them being closed. Hahaha

    Happy toking and hopefully I'll be fortunate enough to puff that soon!!

    Long live Amendment 20 and fuck HB 1284!!!
  12. Thank You so much for stopping in brother... i don't know how many times you gotta slap em in the face with it for them to believe... Amsterdam is no longer in this for the best plants or genetics .. they want our hard earned American dollars, that is ALL... U.S. is on top of the medical cannabis world guys. I can't wait til all the haters finally get to try some truly fire US homegrown.
  13. Doubters get fucked :smoke:
  14. We have a review coming later this week/early next that sports the highest test numbers I've personally seen on a lab report. I did a double-take...

    In the meantime, check out another ChemDawg/Sour Diesel, Denver Relief's in-house cross of those strains which they call "Dopium": Dopium Medical Marijuana Strain Review | KindReviews

    Thanks for checking out the site guys/gals, glad it's been helpful in finding some fiery meds...
  15. Looks like you have a new subscriber MMJiCO:wave:. You know we are all curious to see the coming review.
  16. TO the naysayers and the non believers... Matt Riot breeds some of the BEST genetics the world has ever seen. He works with only quality strains and works the crosses till they are perfect. His clocwork orange and pre98 bubba are just 2 examples of sick genetics. Double Black Doja is as purple as purple gets. Dont knock it if you aint tried it. I just recieved my Grape Stomper FEM beans and i am working on popping them right now. Believe it or not it is one of his cheaper strains. It costs 100 for 6 fem seeds plus shipping if you buy direct from his seed shop but if you get it at sensible seeds it will cost u a lot more. He has strains that cost 180 and 220 for 6 seeds also. He has something for everyone so if you are getting ready to order beans for a new grow check out his beans before you buy anywhere else!! The customer service is 1st rate also.
  17. Looks great man, everyone's gonna hate because they don't have access to it. Man is it nice to have a card:smoke:

  18. I lol @ people like you who think they know better just because. I doubt you even live in a medical state or have your card.

    I think it's hilarious there's people out there dumb enough to think that cannabinoid testing is impossible and doesn't exist. I mean honestly we landed on the fucking moon 40 years ago, have cured countless diseases, and yet testing a plant is above the head of modern science?

  19. Well said. I thought I knew about weed before moving the California. Boy was I wrong. It's cutting edge in the med states.
  20. Grape Stomper was created by Gage Green Genetics. Check out the Grape Stomper variants like the Grape Stomper x OG Kush at .

    They have the best quality genetics that are guaranteed to pop!

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