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Super Fire Grape Stomper !!! check it out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kootsman, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Scooped an Oz. of this super kill shit from the local dispense... ran me 275. The cross is Purple ElephantXChemDawgSourDiesel let me know what u think...


    i got about 3/4 of it left in the jar
  2. it came in at 25.71% THC talk about fire!!!
  3. God damn that's danker than the stuff I get and cheaper too. What does it taste and smell like?
  4. mmm that looks so frostyyyy
    i want some!
  5. Its a very thick expansive smoke that is mostly hashy with a sweet hint of grape... the smell is a smooth sweet grape
  6. its almost winter season :p
  7. + rep to whoever decided to breed those strains together
  8. thanks guys and yea pics def. do not do justice for all this FROST!!!!
  9. dankshit

  10. probably not
    but dank it is
  11. Don't knock what you don't know... We have Full Spectrum Labs here buddy and most of what's grown out here IS tested so here you are non-believer ...Grape Stomper Medical Marijuana Strain Review | KindReviews... check it out ... Don't hate just because it sounds SOO much better than what Amsterdam got haha
  12. Where exactly did you get this shit at?
  13. Advanced Medical Alternatives
  14. who told you this shit was 25% thc.
  15. Full Spectrum Laboratories... you can check the link a few posts above
  16. B-e-a-utiful
  17. Holy chicken shits.
    Nice pot.
  18. #19 RWK Nova, Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2010

    It cant have "27%" THC content it probably is counting all the cannabinoids even the ones that dont even get you high. Good weed but when I hear ratios of BHO coming out to 10 grams of bud to 1 gram of BHO. Im thinking that there was 90% plant matter and 10% Good shit in the weed. I know about the wasted product also that might be left in the waste but it doesn't make too much of a significance because remember the BHO isnt the purest it can be at 100% cannabinoids
  19. so now the labs are wrong??? i do sour diesel BHO and 5gs get me 1.1-1.4 all the time and this grape stomper is by far WAY more frosted than any sourD i've had... They note the moisture content at 6% i'm tellin u this shit is better than ANY FIRE SLH(HTCC winner last 2 years). It shows the exact percentage of each cannabinoid it contains. I just don't know why people can't just believe that there is very high THC % in good weed out here.

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