Super-evolved bugs in my basement

Discussion in 'General' started by Demari, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. okay i'm kind of a messy person and my basement is pretty dirty in one room.. and i was here now smoking bowls lookin at the forum..and a fucking MASSIVE bug.... i think it's like an earwig or something.. atleast 1 inch long.. is on the wall infront of me.. like less than 2 feet..

    and as SOON as i put my head up and saw him he dropped down to the floor.. like rambo or something from a movie...

    i don't know if its cuz he was lookin rite at me and saw me put my head and dropped down, or if it's just a coincidence.. but how often does a bug just fall off the wall??

    shit.. while writing this post he came up the wall again.. and i tried to hit him the only thing i found which was an old air wick thing... but i think i missed and nows hes back on the carpet somewhere behind my cmoputer scaring the shit out of me.. i hope i broke his leg or something atleast.. now he's gonna be pissed if he sees me

    but i swear to god he stops EVERY time i looked at hime.. like he knew i was looking
  2. Creepy. I have my Xbox out in the garage, and I was cheifin' a bowl, I look down and the BIGGEST spider I have EVER seen goes flying across the floor RIGHT towards my show I had just taken off. I fucking like threw my bowl up in the air, caught it, jumped up on the chair and watched a spider with a body bigger than a quarter. Not counting the legs, go into my shoe. I haven't worn them since. Fuck that

  3. lol shit you are so fucking hilarious.. and to the bug thing.. yeah hahah fuck... kill it!!
  4. Uh oh, its the rambo of bugs! Run for your life!

    I saw a spider the size of a fucking baseball at my x-girlfriends parents house, It was fucking creepy. But seriously, that bug is out to get you, run, and don't stop.
  5. maybe the rambo bug is secretly planning world domination
  6. That's not chill, I bet he's planning to take you down...
  7. Yeah, I was just taking a shit in the bathroom and I saw a roach on top of one of my towels, just staring at me. So I precede to take the trashcan(small plastic trashcan, perfect for roach ass kicking) and he dodged my initial attack, so I ended up chasing him around the bathroom and eventually killed it. About a second after I picked it up to throw in the toilet, another roach appeared in the EXACT same spot, no joke. So I ran around trying to kill that one for a while but it ended up getting away, so now i'm mad paranoid because there is a roach lurking around in my apartment, and I have no clue where it is.
  8. I work in a warehouse thats on old farmland and next to current farmland. I've seen spiders the size of my fist and dragon flies that look like birds, also the occasional mouse running around once in a while. I remember my first experiance with one of those dragon flies... I decided it would be a good day to go to work high. I'm stoned out of my mind loading a van and one of these fuckers flies into the van! Its wings are hella loud and its just a creepy looking son of a bitch. I ran out and started throwing packages at it until it flew out lol, overall that was a bad day. Go Fed-Ex! :) Point is, you ain't seen bugs like i've seen 'em. :) I wonder what kind of shit Dr.Greenbuds finds living out in the wilderness and stuff.
  9. ah today my friend went to go order an outfit, and while we were looking at the fabric in the fabric book, this little baby cockroach comes out of the page and the chinese lady stuck her thumb nail in it and cracked it in half. Me and my friend were like wtf that's disgusting.. the guts were still on her nail and everything and she just keeps going on about the fabric.. then she turns the page and this big ass fucker cockroach is just chilling on the page. i was like
    Im Out of here.
  10. if ya ask me, thats some fuckin skill. i had to create a bug freezer cuz im too fucking slow with my hands/too scared to kill spiders, or roaches.

    So i spray computer dust off upside down, and fucking freeze the bastards.

    Lady got mad skills
  11. I was setting up some mosquito trap in my parent's backyard for a party they were throwing that day, and I saw what had to be the biggest bee on earth. The thing was at least 2 inches long, maybe close to 3. Scared the shit outa me.

    Demari, if it's an earwig, go ahead and kill it, but If you didn't know those things are harmless. :D
  12. My cat dropped a dead mouse in my shoe one time :( I threw that pair away, that was a nice morning present and I'm fucking glad I LOOKED in my shoe because otherwise I would have stepped right on it iccck.
  13. chew that shit up like andrew zimmerman
  14. And you are the reason my new bong I ordered was broken. You suck.

    I kid. Woulda been funny though, huh?
  15. my room two summers ago used to be INFESTED with one bug doesnt scare me anymore.

    i remember one time lifting up a shirt off my bedroom floor. and seriously like 30 earwigs just scattered all over the place. and me being scared of earwigs (idk why) i jumped and my heart was racing. and i just started stepping on the ones i could see. but yea...that changed me to where i dont scared of those creepy ass bugs that crawl around at night. spiders are also my friends now:hello:
  16. one time i was sittin on the computer and one of those little black and white spiders that jump was on my window, and i absolutely hate spiders, so i froze and was just staring at it and i swear it was staring back at me. so i go get my mom to kill it for me and when i come back in my room... IT'S GONE :eek:! so she's like "it's gone, alyssa. whatever." i go back to my computer business and the stupid thing COMES OUT OF NOWHERE and is on the window staring at me again!

    i think i got my mom a total of three times to come kill it and each time it would hide and then come back when she was gone. fucking hate stupid spiders :mad:.

  17. lmfao
  18. Man, Just today i have seen 2 HUGE Spiders in different places.. They are starting the take over of earth.. Im telling you!
  19. Fuck bugs. I hate the bastards slimy gooy and blaaa. KILL THEM ALLL:devious::devious:

    Worst is when you gotta pick up dead ones and the squish in your hands and you can feel the guts through the napkin:bolt:
  20. One time, I was sitting in my backyard and this huge as orange beetle like this big:


    And I just froze solid and screamed like a little girl ( Im 6'2 250) Untill it walked near me and the I died.

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