super easy way to clean your bowl

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  1. hoppens #9 solvent for firearms; i decide to try some and it works insanely well

    i put 1/2 oz thru ( i know, waited waaay too long) and it worked great just run hot water through it

    the intense smell of kerosene hides any burnt or skunky smell too!
  2. Ew dude I dont want my piece smelling like Hoppe's. I have having to clean my gun with that shit not to mention my bowl. Does it smell after its all dry?

  3. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  4. i was thinking the same thing!

    i dont want to breathe in gun cleaning fumes.........

  5. @!!!!!!!:confused_2:
  6. Simple Green FTW!
  7. u were joking....! ???
    i hope..!?

    edit: idk if i should be worried for you, laughing at you, or puking at the thought of tasting this 'intense kerosene' in my nuggs
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